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Ukrainian player sokoban4ik won the PokerStars MicroMillions main event

The MicroMillions Marathon tournament series was held at PokerStars from April 20 to 23. During this short period of time, 84 tournaments were held. Despite the large number of events, the main attention was still focused on the main event and high roller. Ukrainian player sokoban4ik won the PokerStars MicroMillions main event and earned 28,858 USD. In the high roller, zagaz124 became the best, receiving 41,637 USD.

Ukrainian player sokoban4ik won the PokerStars MicroMillions main event

In the central event of the series, 19,870 entries were made, thanks to which 397,400 USD turned out to be in the prize pool. The main prize, excluding the bounty, was 19,870 USD. Since the tournament was in the PKO format, each of the 3,247 players who got into the prizes earned small bonuses. Taking into account the bounty, each of the finalists received at least 2,139 USD. It was this amount that went to the Brazilian player with the nickname Jupiter.

  1. Sokoban4ik (Ukraine) — 28,858 USD
  2. GabrielSMR (Brazil) — 17,980 USD
  3. Greedyim (Belarus) — 11,138 USD
  4. BlackStyle11 (Uruguay) — 9,498 USD
  5. Mariachi (Norway) — 6,825 USD
  6. bartuxas (Lithuania)— 4,144 USD
  7. garrafalitro (Brazil) — 3,799 USD
  8. JDM211 (Denmark) — 2,653 USD
  9. Jupitle (Brazil) — 2,139 USD

Jupiter was followed by JDM211 (2,653 USD), garrafalitro (3,799 USD), bartuxas (4,144 USD), Mariachi (6,825 USD), BlackStyle11 (9,498 USD), who also got eliminated. The remaining three guaranteed themselves five-digit payouts, which is pretty good considering the buy-in of 20 USD. The 3rd place was taken by the Belarusian poker player Greedyim, who earned 11,138 USD. In the heads-up, sokoban4ik defeated Brazilian grinder GabrielSMR and earned a total of 28,858 USD.

High roller with buy-in of 55 USD

The most expensive tournament was a high roller with a buy-in of 55 USD. 5,859 entries were recorded in it, which is why there was 292,950 USD in the prize pool. The initial guarantee was 250,000 USD. Team PokerStars members Laas Jagd “Wistern” Lauritsen, Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot and Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg were among the participants of the tournament, but did not get into the prizes. Spragg went further than the others and took 887th place. Payments started from the 831st place.

  1. Zagaz12 (Peru) — 41,637 USD
  2. Curioso24 (Peru) — 29,677 USD
  3. jooa42 (Brazil) — 21,155 USD
  4. olleggi (Mexico) — 15,080 USD
  5. jahwe (Germany) — 10,749 USD
  6. EMIR XO (Vietnam) — 7,662 USD
  7. FKAXM (Brazil) — 5,462 USD
  8. orebit7 (Czech Republic) — 3,893 USD
  9. koelnrome (Germany) — 2,775 USD

Each of the nine finalists guaranteed themselves at least 2,775 USD. This amount was earned by the German player koelnrome. He was followed by orebit7 (3,893 USD), FKAXM (5,462 USD) and EMIR XO (7,662 USD), who got eliminated aswell. Starting from the 5th place, the amounts became five-digit. After jahwe (10,749 USD), olleggi (15,080 USD) and jooa42 (21,155 USD) left the tournament, two Peruvians competed for the title. Zagaz124 defeated Curioso24 in the heads-up and earned 41,637 USD. The runner-up took 29,677 USD.

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