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Poker programs: auxiliary poker software

Today, poker programs have become not an advantage for players but rather a necessity. It is no longer enough for professionals to arm themselves with the familiar Holdem Manager or the equally popular Poker Tracker; they need to replenish their arsenal with a dozen more auxiliary services.

poker soft

In this section of our website, we will talk about the best poker programs that will suit both professionals and beginners in this exciting game.

Poker software: what is poker soft

Poker soft is software that helps poker players improve the game, points out mistakes or shortcomings, performs routine work for the user, such as collecting statistics or analytics and allows you to gain an advantage over rivals. There are different types of poker programs. In general, almost all poker software can be divided into the following categories:

  • Software for collecting statistics.

Services of this kind are mandatory not only for professionals but also for those who want to improve their gaming skills and profit from their hobby.

  • Software for working with ranges and boards.

Range programs collect data from past sessions, structure the information received, and display it as a percentage. This way, players can analyze their games and understand what is worth working on.

  • Programs for analyzing the game and collecting information on opponents.

The software collects information about the opponents: the number of hands played, winning and losing hands, the style of play, etc. Poker software of this type is necessary for a profitable game because it allows you to get information about your rivals even before the game starts.

  • Auxiliary programs.

Useful applications and extensions that help fight the tilt, control the landing at the table (for example, they find the most “fish” tables), allow you to get to poker resources blocked by the provider, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of poker software

The advantages of using online poker programs are obvious:

  • there is no need to perform routine work as the robot does everything for you;
  •   significant time savings;
  •   the opportunity to improve your game skills and increase your income;
  •   the player can calculate the chances of winning in advance;
  •   no mistakes in calculations;
  • access to information that cannot be found manually.

Undoubtedly, poker software has not only pros but also cons. First, the player becomes lazier since the machine does all the work for him. Second, almost all programs work online, so in the absence of an Internet connection, it is unlikely that you will be able to get any information. Finally, the use of software often deprives players of pleasure and variety in the game since the poker player knows in advance what and how to do, anticipating the outcome of the hand from the very beginning.

Where to download poker software for free

As a rule, you need to pay for everything good, and it will not be superfluous to respect someone else’s work. Nevertheless, Poker-Royal777 is a partner of the developers of the programs presented in this section of the site and is ready to provide its readers with the opportunity to download poker software for free in Russian or get a discount on its use. To use the privilege, select the program you are interested in from the ones offered on our website and contact the manager via Skype.