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Twister Betsafe

Let’s see how well you know poker. What do you associate with the word “twister”? If a white rug with large multi-colored circles intended for floor play in a company immediately appeared in your head, then you are not a poker player. And if you immediately thought of a super-fast online poker tournament format, congratulations, you passed the test successfully. In this regard, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the Twister Betsafe promotion.

Twister Betsafe

Twister Betsafe: the best promotion for real Twistermans

Every week from Monday night 12 to 11:59 pm GMT, the popular English-speaking poker room Betsafe runs a promotion that applies to Twister tournaments. The total weekly prize fund is 12.5 thousand euros!

To cut the prize money between other participants and, in principle, grab the largest piece, which is 1000 euros, players need to play Twister for a week and collect points for achievements. The more points on the leaderboard, the more likely it is to win a cash reward.

The number of points scored depends on the amount of the starting buy-in and the winning in the game session. It means that all poker players who play Twister at Betsafe receive a priori points for their participation. And those who win the tournament receive additional points from above.

The minimum buy-in amount starts from 1 euro, the maximum amount is 100 euro. The number of points for winning a Twister tournament corresponds to the size of the entry into the game.

Login Points for participation in the tournament Extra points for winning the game
1 euro = 1 point 1
2 euros = 2 points 2
5 euros = 5 points 5
10 euros = 10 points 10
20 EUR = 20 points 20
50 EUR = 50 points 50
100 EUR = 100 points 100

The total amount of prize money will be divided among the first 200 participants from the final tournament table. Players will be credited with tickets to Twister Betsafe in the amount that corresponds to the position taken on the leaderboard. The maximum amount is 1000 euros, and the minimum is 15 euros.

  • 1st place – 20 tickets for 50 euros.
  • 2nd place – 15 tickets for 50 euros.
  • 3rd place – 10 tickets for 50 euros.
  • 4th place – 8 tickets for 50 euros.
  • 5th place – 6 tickets for 50 euros.
  • 6th place – 5 tickets for 50 euros.
  • 7-10th places – 3 tickets for 50 euros.
  • 11th-25th seats – 4 tickets for 20 euros.
  • 26-50th places – 3 tickets for 20 euros.
  • 51st-100th places – 5 tickets for 10 euros.
  • 101-150th places – 3 tickets for 10 euros.

Tickets won will be credited to players within 24 hours of the closing of the weekly leaderboard.

Important conditions of the promotional offer

Please note that only users registered in the game lobby who have reached the age of eighteen and have passed the identity verification process can participate in the Twister Betsafe promotion.

Suppose you are not yet a client of the Betsafe poker room. In that case, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions for creating an account in Betsafe on our website, because the registration process is in English.

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