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Till Lindemann starred in a four-minute GGPoker commercial

Poker and rock have long been linked to each other. Moreover, musicians not only appear in poker room advertisements, but also actively participate in tournaments. One of the last collaborations of the poker room and rock was an advertisement for GGPoker, in which the leader of the group Rammstein appeared. Till Lindemann starred in a four-minute GGPoker commercial.

Till Lindemann starred in a four-minute GGPoker commercial 1

All the roles in the commercial went to Lindemann, who at the beginning of the video rides an elevator to a poker room where a closed game is taking place. He is accompanied by the Spanish model Violeta De Agua. When he gets to the room, he joins four completely different versions of himself. After that, he begins a monologue similar to the songs of the band. Besides him, a cowboy, an intelligent young man, a punk and a confident player are sitting at the table.

The video shows a lot of visual images of religion and violence, but there are chips or card suits everywhere. Everything ends with the German phrase “Gut Gespielt” (Good game). The ad seems to be intended only for the German market, but it has attracted worldwide attention. The YouTube video has gained 733,000 views in five days.

Not the first rocker

Lindemann is not the first rocker to appear in poker. Once upon a time Scott Ian from Anthrax was a big fan of the game. He loved the game so much that he was even a member of the UltimateBet poker room team. Sully Erna from Godsmack also sometimes took part in tournaments. In just three attempts, he won more than $300,000, including becoming a runner-up of one of the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic events in 2007.

By far the most successful poker rocker is musician/producer Steve Albini, who has worked with Nirvana, former Led Zeppelin musicians Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and many others. Albini has two WSOP gold bracelets on his account. He won the first one in 2018 in the seven-card stud event, the second one was received for winning in 2022 in HORSE.

Music is just one of the areas where poker (and especially online poker) is trying to attract customers. Poker is played by actors Jason Alexander (“Hachiko”, “Pretty Woman”), Kevin Pollack (“A Few Good Men”, “Casino”), Ben Affleck (“Batman”, “The Disappeared”), Tobey Maguire (“Spider-Man”, “Brothers”), Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”). Affleck even won one of the tournaments in 2004, for which he received $356,400.

Among the athletes, swimmer Michael Phelps, football players Gerard Pique and Neymar play poker. The latter allegedly recently lost a million dollars in one of the casinos.

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