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The champion of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event was determined

After six days of active play, the champion of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event was determined. It was the Portuguese player Michel Dattani who won the heads-up against Pedro Neves. The players decided to negotiate a deal, according to the results of which the champion got 1,316,963 USD and the runner-up — 1,183,037 USD. The third place was taken by Russian Artur Martirosian.

The champion of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event was determined 1

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Poker Festival is taking place offline for the first time in 4 years. 889 entries were registered in the main event of the series, and many of the most famous players were among the participants. All of them competed for a part of the prize pool, which was 8,623,300 USD.

  1. Michel Dattani — 1,316,963 USD
  2. Pedro Neves — 1,183,037 USD
  3. 3 Artur Martirosian — 677,400 USD
  4. Alexandre Raymond — 519,600 USD
  5. Christoph Csik — 399,800 USD
  6. Jamil Wakil — 307,500 USD
  7. Alexandros Kolonias — 236,500 USD
  8. Taylor Paur — 181,900 USD
  9. Jonathan Little — 139,900 USD

Dattani failed in flight 1b and was forced to re-enter. The Portuguese has been playing at the professional level for 13 years and has been regularly appearing on EPT since 2010. In his native country, he is pretty famous and has achieved great success online, where he is known under the nickname FreelancerZZ.

At the end of the fifth game day, Jonathan Little, Taylor Paur, and Alexandros Kolonias left the tournament. At this point, the actions stopped and were postponed to the next day. 6 players reached the final day, among which there were 2 representatives of Canada and Portugal, as well as a Russian and an American.

In the heads-up, Dattani and Neves had a deal

In the very first hand of the day, Jamil Wakil decided to go all-in with his short stack. Already on the flop, he was drawing dead because Christoph Csik collected a flush. Wakil received a record prize of 307,500 USD.

The second player left the tournament in the last hand of the 1st level of blinds. Csik opened with pocket kings, Martirosian raised with A-2, and Alexandre Raymond raised with A-J. Csik went all-in, the ace came on the flop, and Csik had only two outs. Neither of the two kings appeared on the remaining streets, and Csik left the game.

Then the players left for a short break. After the break, Raymond was the first to get kicked, losing to a pair of kings of Neves with pocket queens. The Portuguese won the biggest pot of the tournament at that stage and became a chip leader. Neves was the leader until he doubled Dattani. The bronze medal was taken by the champion of the main event of EPT Sochi and the winner of many online tournaments, Artur Martirosian. The Russian earned 677,400 USD.

In the heads-up, Dattani and Nevesh had a deal and then quickly played off a relatively small amount of money and the title. The whole game lasted about 20 minutes. In the decisive hand, Neves collected the top pair, and Dattani had a nut flush.

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