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Stephen Chidwick won the title of “Player of the Year” according to CardPlayer

It’s been 12 months since the start of the 2022 poker season. This year there were a lot of scandals, a lot of high-profile victories, and new tournaments. Poker players have been gaining rating points and winning big and not-so-big events all this time. In 2022, Stephen Chidwick won the title of “Player of the Year” according to CardPlayer, and Stephen Song topped the Global Poker Index table.

Stephen Chidwick won the title of "Player of the Year" according to CardPlayer 1

Briton Stephen Chidwick has been on the first line of the CardPlayer rating for a long time, but in the season’s final period, he had to try to stay on top. In December, Chidwick twice got into the top 3 tournaments of the Aria High Roller series and scored rating points. Now he has 6,499 points.

  1. Stephen Chidwick — 6,499 points
  2. Farid Jattin — 6,233 points
  3. Stephen Song — 6,230 points
  4. Alex Foxen — 5,417 points
  5. Jeremy Ausmus — 5,356 points
  6. Chad Eveslage — 5,302 points
  7. Erik Seidel — 5,262 points
  8. Sean Winter — 5,198 points
  9. Daniel Dvoress — 4,859 points
  10. Chris Brewer — 4,723 points

Over the past six weeks, Farid Jattin has taken high places in major events three times. Twice he became a runner-up. During these tournaments, Jattin received 1,000 points and almost overtook Chidwick. However, the most significant breakthrough was made by Stephen Song, who won the WPT Prime Championship event. Winning the event with a $1,000 buy-in allowed him to score 1,320 points, which was enough to take 3rd place in the rating.

Angela Jordison became the best in the CardPlayer women’s rating

In the GPI rating, Stephen Song is in the first place. This rating considers only the 13 best performances of the player for the year, so you need to improve your results constantly. The change of the leader at the end of the year is a frequent phenomenon in the rating. Someone wins a major event, improves their performance, and breaks into the top tables.

Six weeks ago, Song was ranked 7th in the ranking, and he needed to score 142 points to beat Adam Hendrix and take first place. It was the victory in WPT Prime that gave him 422 points, replacing one of the old results. He managed to add 172 points to the total number of points and beat Hendrix, who has also scored a few points since then. The difference between the players was only 17 points.

  1. Stephen Song — 3,543.72 points
  2. Adam Hendrix— 3,526.48 points
  3. Jeremy Ausmus — 3,497.47 points
  4. Chad Eveslage — 3,474.78 points
  5. Michael Watson — 3,429.44 points
  6. Farid Jattin — 3,423.89 points
  7. Chance Kornuth — 3,423.68 points
  8. Alex Foxen — 3,393.09 points
  9. Sean Winter — 3,393.05 points
  10. Stephen Chidwick — 3,323.61 points

Angela Jordison became the best in the CardPlayer women’s rating, having done a tremendous job in 2022. She became the best in the WPT Legends of Poker event, got into the prizes of the WSOP main event, took 3rd place in another WSOP event, and took 4th place in one of the WSOPC tournaments. Jordison even got into the top 50 of the overall CardPlayer rating. Despite the outstanding results, the American was overtaken by Kristen Bicknell-Foxen and Cherish Andrews in the GPI rating.

Small poker tournaments are taking place now, but they are unlikely to have an impact on the state of affairs at the tables.

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