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Simon Mattsson won the WSOP Online main event and received 2.8 million USD

The WSOP online series tournaments, which were focused on the international market, officially ended after Simon Mattsson won the WSOP Online main event and received 2.8 million USD. He managed to win the tournament with the largest prize pool (23,674,574 USD). This money was collected due to the fact that 4,984 entries were registered. A total of 33 bracelets were played in the championship. Now there are events in which only players from several American states can participate.

Simon Mattsson won the WSOP Online main event and received 2.8 million USD 1

The famous 29-year-old Swedish player won his first bracelet of the series. Now his tournament earnings are 4.4 million USD. At the same time, the Swede won more than 27 million USD in cash games, acting under the nickname C.Darwin2.

  1. Simon Mattsson – 2,793,574 USD
  2. Kannapong Thanarattrakul — 2,094,884 USD
  3. Feng Zhao — 1,570,941 USD
  4. Samuel Vousden — 1,178,040 USD
  5. Istvan Briski — 883,404 USD
  6. Yanfei Chi — 662,459 USD
  7. Jordan Spurlin — 496,774 USD
  8. Oliver Sprason — 372,529 USD
  9. Tim Rutherford — 279,357 USD

In total, 500 players got into the prize zone in the central event of the championship. Such an important tournament could not be missed by famous players. Linus Loeliger (287th place), Ryan Riess (147th), Chris Moorman (105th), Damian Salas (96th), Justin Bonomo (64th), Niklas Astedt (29th), Paulina Loeliger (27th), Patrick Leonard (22nd) and Joseph Cheong (11th) earned money.

Kannapong Thanarattrakul and Simon Mattsson fought in the heads-up of the main event

Mattsson was the chip leader of the final table, and Samuel Vousden was the second in the number of chips. The first to leave the table was Canadian poker player Tim Rutherford. With a short stack, he lasted about 45 minutes, after which he lost to Feng Zhao’s pocket kings with A-Q. Rutherford collected a flush draw on the flop, but did not get the right card on other streets and took 9th place (279,357 USD).

Briton Oliver Sprason (8th place — 372,529 USD) was the next to lose all the chips. His A-K turned out to be weaker than pocket tens of Kannapong Thanarattrakul. In the next hand, Thanarattrakul with A-9 was up against Jordan Spurlin, who had A-7. On the flop, the Thai player got 9, and that was enough to knock out Spurlin (496,774 USD).

Yanfei Chi with pocket queens went all-in against Feng Zhao, who had pocket jacks. Zhao got a jack on the flop and went ahead. Chi had a gutshot on the turn, but the right card did not fall out on the river, and he was forced to leave the table, taking with him 662,459 USD.

Istvan Briski lost his very short stack to the same Zhao. With K-8 cards, he came across the opponent’s pocket aces. Briski took 5th place and received 883,404 USD. 4th place and 1,178,000 USD went to Samuel Vousden, who lost with 6-6 to A-J of Thanarattrakul. A poker player from Thailand collected a flush on the flop, knocking out his opponent.

The third place was eventually taken by Zhao. First, he lost almost the entire stack to Simon Mattsson, and then was finished off by the same Swede. Holding a J-9 in his hands, he placed his last few big blinds, but lost to the opponent’s A-3. Entering the top 3, Zhao earned 1,570,941 USD.

Kannapong Thanarattrakul and Simon Mattsson fought in the heads-up of the main event. The Swede had a slight advantage in chips over his opponent, who recently performed well in the Triton series. By the final hand, Mattsson’s stack was already three times larger than his opponent’s. In the deciding hand, Mattsson bet 3,000,000 from the button with 6-5, and Thanarattrakul raised to 9,000,000 with J-10. The Swede made a call and 10-7-4 appeared on the flop. The Thai bet 6,171,000, and Mattsson called. The three on the turn gave the Swede a straight.

Thanarattrakul bet 12,600,000 and Mattsson leveled the bet again. A seven fell on the river, Thanarattrakul bet 12,600,000, and his opponent called again and became the champion. Thanarattrakul earned 2,094,884 USD.

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