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Several more champions of the bestbet Jacksonville Series were determined

A small series of the bestbet Jacksonville is nearing its end. The day before yesterday, the main event of the championship began with a buy-in of 3,000 USD. Currently, 14 events have already been held. A few more champions of the bestbet Jacksonville Series were determined the other day. We offer to get to know the winners of 10-14 events better.

Several more champions of the bestbet Jacksonville Series were determined 1

The 10th event of the series was an event on no-limit hold’em worth 260 USD. Having registered 84 entries, they managed to collect a prize fund of 18,060 USD. The champion of this event was Fred Evans, who earned 4,308 USD. In the heads-up, the American was stronger than Michael Williams. The players made a deal.

  1. Fred Evans — 4,308 USD
  2. Michael Williams — 4,307 USD
  3. Gerard Okonsky — 2,407 USD
  4. Guy Marcot — 1,693 USD
  5. Robert Searles — 1,237 USD
  6. Kelley Slay — 940 USD
  7. Willard Cutler — 745 USD
  8. Albert Pozek — 616 USD
  9. Bill Haskins — 533 USD

The 11th event of the series “Monster Stack” collected 117 entries, each of which cost 360 USD. The 15 best players of the tournament shared 35,100 USD. The champion of this exciting event was Daniel Zuheir, who took home 9,344 USD. This is the second largest win in Zuheir’s career. In 2019, he won one of the WSOP Circuit events, where he won a gold ring and 94,002 USD.

  1. Daniel Zuheir — 9,344 USD
  2. Angel Boas — 6,229 USD
  3. Steve Zhang — 4,299 USD
  4. Roy Vazquez — 3,061 USD
  5. David Wade — 2,252 USD
  6. Kam Razavian — 1,714 USD
  7. Edward Mroczkowski — 1,350 USD
  8. Maximiliano Mazariegos — 1,102 USD
  9. Chongyou Chen — 934 USD

Chen, who finished ninth, has already won the bestbet Jacksonville event. He won a no-limit hold’em tournament with a buy-in of 360 USD. He also became a Mystery Bounty runner-up, where he earned a total of 82,000 USD.

The championship will end on November 14

The 12th event of the series was a women’s tournament with a buy-in of 320 USD. 56 players who fought for 14,840 USD decided to take part. Most of the prize pool (5,044 USD) went to Starr Valdez. This is the fifth largest win in a poker player’s career. Her total career income is 97,000 USD.

  1. Starr Valdez — 5,044 USD
  2. Aja Owens — 3,362 USD
  3. Joy Pozek — 2,242 USD
  4. Turkan Martin — 1,554 USD
  5. Lori Schulte — 1,123 USD
  6. Lisa Buck — 847 USD
  7. Stephanie Napier — 668 USD

Next on the schedule was the pot-limit Omaha with a buy-in of 500 USD. The event gathered only 26 entries, thanks to which the prize fund was equal to 11,180 USD. This money went to the 4 best. Among them was Nghia Lee, who took 35th place in the WSOP 2018 main event and earned 230,475 USD. 1st place was taken by Mark Eisenfeld, who received 4,488 USD.

  1. Mark Eisenfeld — 4,488 USD
  2. Dale North — 2,992 USD
  3. Mark Mcgarity — 2,109 USD
  4. Nghia Li — 1,591 USD

The largest among the recent events was the no-limit hold’em tournament. 69 players made a buy-in of 1,000 USD. The best was Sebastiaan De Jonge, who earned 18,978 USD. This is the third title in the career of a German player. Now his career income exceeds 425,000 USD.

  1. Sebastiaan De Jonge — 18,978 USD
  2. William Davis Jr. — 12,652 USD
  3. Le Tieu — 8,434 USD
  4. Andrew Ostapchenko — 5,861 USD
  5. Caleb Larson — 4,254 USD
  6. John O’Neal — 3,230 USD

The 3rd-ranked Le Tieu can’t win the tournament in any way. In this series, he took 3rd place twice and 2nd place once. Kelley Slay earned 2,572 USD, taking seventh place. This is his seventh prize in the series. The championship will end on November 14.

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