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Sergi Reixach is the leading contender to win the Super Millions

The penultimate Super Millions tournament this year has reached the final table. 139 people claimed the title, which allowed to raise a fund of 1,390,000 USD. The reward for first place is 302,053 USD. Now Sergi Reixach is the leading contender to win the Super Millions. A Spanish player living in Mexico collected 4,968,497 chips or 142 BB. The nearest pursuer has half as many chips.

Sergi Reixach is the leading contender to win the Super Millions 1

This is the fourth final table for Reixach in Super Millions. In July 2021, he took 6th and 9th places, and last week finished fifth. Israeli Barak Wisbrod continues to appear in the finale with great frequency. On November 22, Wisbrod took 2nd place, and on December 6, when a gold ring was also at stake, he became fifth. The Israeli player has 2,417,120 chips (69 BB) at his disposal.

  1. Sergi Reixach — 4,968,497 chips (142 BB)
  2. Barak Wisbrod — 2,417,120 chips (69 BB)
  3. Pedro Garagnani — 2,093,107 chips (60 BB)
  4. RetourAuLobby — 1,153,007 chips (33 BB)
  5. XavierXu — 913,824 chips (26 BB)
  6. Anatoly Filatov — 715,296 chips (20 BB)
  7. Zombie Chow — 572,140 chips (16 BB)
  8. Nikita Kuznetsov — 557,873 chips (16 BB)
  9. BananenBencb789 — 509,136 chips (15 BB)

Pedro Garagnani takes 3rd place in the chip count with a stack of 2,093,107 chips (60 BB). The Brazilian is a regular participant in the tournament but has not won yet. This is the sixth final table for the player and the first since November 2, when he took 2nd place.

BananenBencb789 has the shortest stack

Mexican RetourAuLobby will try to keep his 100% result in Super Millions. On November 15, the poker player got to the final table for the first time and immediately became the champion. In the heads-up, RetourAuLobby defeated Eelis Parssinen and earned 327,250 USD. The RetourAuLobby stack is 1,153,007 chips (33 BB).

One of the most obscure players at the table is the Chinese XavierXu. On November 22, the player took 17th place and earned 23,769 USD. In total, XavierXu managed to win 65,526 USD on GGPoker. Anatoly Filatov has been in the finals for the fourth time since November 2. Filatov twice became the tournament champion and earned more than 3.3 million USD in it . This time Anatoly has 20 BB (715,296 chips).

Zombie Chow has reached the decisive stage of the tournament for the third time but has not yet won. Previously, he took 8th and 5th places. The player has a lot of work to do because he has only 572,140 chips or 16 BB. Nikita Kuznetsov, who collected 557,873 chips (16 BB), is in the same position. Kuznetsov’s best result in Super Millions is 8th place.

BananenBencb789 has the shortest stack. The Austrian has never finished higher than 13th in the tournament. The poker player will start the game with a stack of 509,136 chips (15 BB).

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