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Ronald Keijzer won the Poker Masters event

The Danish Omaha pot-limit specialist Ronald Keijzer won the Poker Masters event. At the Aria restaurant in Las Vegas, the Dane was able to beat 80 rivals in the battle for 205,500 USD. This is the amount that the champion got. The tournament’s buy-in was 10,000 USD, and the prize money was 810,000 USD. This is the second title in a live tournament for Keijzer.

Ronald Keijzer won the Poker Masters event 1

The amount received for the first place was the second largest in Keijzer’s career. He won twice as much (475,033 USD) in one of the PLO tournaments in the WSOP 2018 series. During his career, the Dane managed to earn more than 866,000 USD. In addition to the money and the title, Keijzer earned many bonus points. He got 203 PGT points, which made him second in the race for the Purple Jacket series. He also scored 480 POY points.

  1. Ronald Keijzer — 202,500 USD
  2. Ben Lamb — 145,800 USD
  3. Alexander Livingston — 97,200 USD
  4. Damjan Radanov — 81,000 USD
  5. Allan Le — 64,800 USD
  6. Dan Shak — 48,600 USD
  7. Jared Bleznick — 40,500 USD
  8. Samantha Perryman — 32,400 USD

Only the top 12 players received the money. Among them were the owners of bracelets, Nick Schulman, Adam Hendrix, Sam Soverel, and Jared Bleznick.

Ben Lamb and Ronald Keijzer got to the heads-up

The tournament’s final day began with 6 poker players at the table, and Ronald Keijzer kept the most chips. The Dane quickly increased the advantage, dealing first with Dan Shak (48,600 USD) and then with Allan Le (64,800 USD). After that, the chip leader had three times more chips in his hands than his closest pursuer, the owner of the bracelet and the finalist of the WSOP 2019 main event Alexander Livingston.

Keijzer broke away from his rivals even more when his A-7-5-4 were stronger than Damjan Radanov’s A-A-Q-J. 9-4-2 appeared on the flop, Keijzer made a bet, and Radanov went all-in. The 8 on the turn gave Radanov hope for a flush, but the 5 appeared on the river, and Keijzer collected two pairs. Radanov received 81,000 USD, and Keijzer defeated an opponent with pocket aces for the third time in the evening.

Bracelet winner and two-time WSOP main event finalist Ben Lamb had the shortest stack of the remaining three, but he was not destined to be the next to leave the game. Lamb with four of a kind won against Alexander Livingston, who had two pairs in one of the hands. After that, Livingston increased his short stack, but it didn’t save him. In the decisive hand, Lamb held A-A-J-7, Livingston — A-7-6-4. 10-7-3-8-Q appeared on the table, and Livingston dropped out, taking 97,200 USD.

This was Livingston’s seventh appearance at the final table. The American won his first bracelet in the summer when he became the first in the stud tournament. In 2022, the player earned 1.2 million USD and scored 3,141 POY points. In the CardPlayer rating, the poker player occupies the 31st line.

Ben Lamb and Ronald Keijzer got to the heads-up. At the same time, the Dane had a stack three times larger. At the beginning of the game, Keijzer broke away from his opponent, but Lamb managed to double the stack and level the situation a little, but this did not save him from defeat. In the final hand, Keijzer had A-10-6-6, Lamb — Q-8-6-4. The dealer gave away A-6-4-K-A, and Keijzer became the champion. Lamb received 145,800 USD, which increased his career earnings to almost 15 million USD.

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