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PokerStars School: opportunities for beginners

More and more rooms have recently focused on new inexperienced players. As a rule, beginners want to earn a lot from the first days of the game without wasting time on developing a strategy. To combine business with pleasure, there is a school PokerStars, the capabilities of which will be discussed now.

 PokerStars School

What is the PokerStars School?

PokerStars Poker School is an online service for teaching the basics of the game on the world-famous gaming platform. It should be understood that there is no universal way in poker that allows you to win after each hand. Therefore, the PokerStars school teaches its customers to think professionally and make the right decisions, which gives the player the maximum number of chances to win. The content of the training course is absolutely free.

What does the PokerStars School offer

The PokerStars Poker School includes many professional poker courses. Among them, there are both text classes and videos:

  • learning the basics (19 lessons);
  • bankroll management (5 lessons);
  • strategies in Cash games (35 lessons);
  • schemes in multi-table tournaments (MTT) (23 lessons);
  • heads up poker (1×1 mode) (9 lessons);
  • limit Omaha (20 lessons);
  • fixed limit Hold’em (28 lessons)
  • SnG poker (26 lessons).

We have highlighted only a part of the presented material. In the Courses section, the PokerStars School has posted a lot more offers.

During the training, you will learn how to play the game depending on the starting hand. It doesn’t matter which hand; what matters is how you play with it. There are two ways to win: to collect a strong combination or to force opponents to fold. The PokerStars school teaches all this.

PokerStars School courses

In addition to the courses, the company offers to fully feel the atmosphere of gambling and improve your skills as effectively and fascinatingly as possible with the help of the means that will be discussed later.

PokerStars School on Twitch: Live practice

You can improve your skills and learn strategies on the popular streaming platform Twitch.

PokerStars School on Twitch

Here you can follow how the coaches from the team of the popular room play various types of poker, showing the cards to the audience. It is important that they say what is on their mind in front of the audience, and anyone can ask questions directly in the chat.

As for the schedule, from 18:00 to 22:00 GMT, there is an online broadcast on ZOOM &6 Max Cash, and on Tuesday at the same time the SnG game is broadcast.

PokerStars School: Discord Channel

Thanks to modern technologies, users today have more and more opportunities. What could be better than studying while staying at home?

The popular application for group conversations, video chat and correspondence, has a special channel where professionals share their views on the game with beginners. Anyone can enter the dialogue and ask the things that interest him. As a rule, there are disputes in such discussions, and the truth is born in them.

The program also has the ability to share files, which allows you to share valuable instructions, video files, audio recordings.

At the moment, there are 723 people in the chat, and a total of 8,137 users are registered.

You can also get closer to the sphere of excitement with James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton – two American poker commentators. They share their views on the international poker industry, which often happens in a comical manner.

Regular tournaments for project participants

At the moment, as part of the training program, there is a regular MTT School Pass tournament. Its main feature is the lack of buy-in (you do not need to pay) and the opportunity to win good money for free. As a login, you will only need to enter a password, which can be obtained in the Discord channel.

PokerStars freerolls

The freeroll tournament takes place three times a week:

  • Monday (prize – T$50);
  • Tuesday (prize – T$50);
  • Wednesday (25x$2 SnG tickets).

Each of the tournaments starts at the same time: 14:05 Eastern time (ET).

PokerStars Poker School: Lucky Card

The site has a free Lucky Card promotion, where the PokerStars Poker School allows you to win tickets to S’n’G, MTT tournaments, where the buy-in amount is from $0.10 to $1.10. All you need is to visit a special section on the site and be a participant of the training program.

If you make a deposit, the chances of getting a more impressive win increase. Get Lucky Card from the PokerStars School weekly and increase the chances of hitting the jackpot of several thousand dollars.

PokerStars School is a unique training system created by the developers. If you are new to poker, then be sure to visit this site and take all the training courses to feel confident.

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