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PokerStars Hold’em 6+

The well-known poker room offers many varieties of poker. In this article, we want to tell you about one of the new products that will appeal to novice poker players — PokerStars Hold’em 6+. A great help to get acquainted with this game will be the opportunity to try your hand at it for free. You will be able to play for chips without risking going broke, and at the same time, improve your skill. Does it sound good? Then join us!

PokerStars Hold'em 6+

PokerStars Hold’em 6+: basic rules

It is important to note that Hold’em 6+ is an exclusive offer from PokerStars, which has no analogues among competitors. This game is played with an incomplete deck consisting of 36 cards (all cards below six are missing). In this type of poker, if we talk about moves, they are divided into two categories: players put ante, and the button (a poker player who finds himself in a position similar to the dealer) is a special blind button. Compared to the usual Hold’em, there is no division into big and small blinds on the table. The player sitting to the left of the blind enters the game first.

We also note two important differences between PokerStars Hold’em 6+ and the classic version for determining the Straight:

  • Such is the following combination: ace, 6, 7, 8, 9. A
  • Straight is considered to be a Flush higher than a Full House.

As mentioned earlier, the features of the game PokerStars Hold’em 6+ can be found in the free version. Learn to play poker with PokerStars!

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