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Philip Hollederer won the WPT Prime Amsterdam main tournament

On March 31, Philip Hollederer won the WPT Prime Amsterdam main tournament at Holland Casino. For the victory, he received prize money in the amount of 171,952 EUR, the champion’s cup and a ticket worth 10,000 USD to the WPT World Championship, which will be held at the end of the year in Las Vegas. He was also credited with 960 CardPlayer rating points. The earnings of a German player during his career increased to 225,892 USD.

Philip Hollederer won the WPT Prime Amsterdam main tournament 1

In the event of no-limit hold’em with a buy-in of 1,100 EUR, the prize fund was 824,121 EUR. This amount was collected thanks to three launch flights, which attracted a total of 1000 participants. 125 people who received at least 1,925 EUR got into the prize zone. All these 125 poker players made it to the second day, which lasted until 10 players remained. It took almost 14 hours.

Hollederer was the chip leader of the final day, with 6,375,000 chips on hand. By the beginning of the final table, he had already managed to collect 7.4 million. During the finale, the German began to catch up with Floris Ten Cate, who collected an eight-figure stack after he dealt with Stephen Van Den Berg (6th place). Hollederer was not far behind, knocking out Carlos Da Costa Dias (5th place).

Fisz became a runner-up

Ten Cate’s luck turned against him right before the heads-up. He was knocked out in third place and received 79,507 EUR. With K-10, Ten Cate lost to Eli Fisz’s pocket sixes. After this knockout, Fisz had 9,925,000 chips in his hands, while Hollederer had 20,025,000 chips. Fisz took the lead for a moment during the final match, but Hollederer quickly regained control.

The decisive hand was the 222nd in the final. All the chips were in the center of the table on the turn (Q-8-6-4). Fisz had A-8o, Hollederer had 9-4s. On the river, the German was able to finish the flush and became the champion of the prestigious tournament. Dutch Fisz became a runner-up and received 107,701 EUR, and his tournament earnings increased to 400,000 USD.

  1. Philip Hollederer — 171,952 EUR
  2. Eli Fisz — 107,701 EUR
  3. Floris Ten Cate — 79,507 EUR
  4. Joey Sint — 59,321 EUR
  5. Carlos Da Costa Dias — 44,739 EUR
  6. Stephen Van Den Berg — 34,109 EUR
  7. William Roebroek — 26,292 EUR
  8. Clyde Tjauw Foe — 20,493 EUR
  9. Vache Zakaryan — 16,154 EUR

Among the winners of the tournament were Fatih Aydin (15th), Sebastiaan De Jonge (22nd), James Thody (31st), Albert Hoekendijk (52nd), Noah Boeken (67th), Tobias Peters (89th), Vincent Gabel (94th), and Frank Stepuchin (115th).

The next WPT Prime will be held in Goa from April 12 to 18. All games will take place at the Deltin Royale Casino. The central event of the series will cost 1,100 EUR.

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