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Phil Ivey won the Triton Series tournament for the third time in his career

Many consider Phil Ivey to be the best poker player, who has achieved success in all games and formats, both in live tournaments and online. He performed well in one of the most recent games that appeared relatively recently: Short Stack. Yesterday Phil Ivey won the Triton Series tournament for the third time in his career, and it was a short stack all three times.

Phil Ivey won the Triton Series tournament for the third time in his career 1

On September 15, a 45-year-old member of the Hall of Fame beat 38 competitors in an event with a buy-in of 30,000 USD and earned 387,000 USD. This result allowed Ivey to increase his tournament earnings over his career to more than 37.5 million USD, putting him in 11th place in the list of the most profitable poker players of all time.

  1. Phil Ivey — 387,000 USD
  2. Sam Greenwood — 268,000 USD
  3. Kiat Lee — 171,000 USD
  4. Mikita Bodyakovsky — 131,000 USD
  5. Tom Dwan — 103,000 USD
  6. Daniel Dvoress — 80,000 USD

This is the third title and 11th final table for an American player. With an income of almost 5.5 million USD and 3730 points, Ivey ranks 18th in the CardPlayer ranking, and he is also in third place in the PokerGO Tour ranking.

Phil Ivey and Sam Greenwood played in the heads-up

Only the 6 best tournament players shared the prize pool of 1,140,000 USD. Triton Madrid champion Paul Phua was the last eliminated player who did not receive money. The owner of the bracelet and the winner of the Super High Roller Bowl, Daniel Dvoress, was the first to leave the final game. Dvoress with J-10 lost to a regular participant in high-stakes cash games, Dwan, who held A-K. Dvoress earned 80,000 USD, taking 6th place.

Dwan was a chipleader, but three unsuccessful hands dropped him to the very bottom of the chip count. Soon after, Dwan lost the decisive hand to Phil Ivey and went home, receiving 103,000 USD. Ivey continued to replenish his stack and dealt with Mikita Bodyakovsky. Ivey had A-Q, Bodyakovsky had A-K. A queen fell out on the flop, bringing Ivey ahead, and on the following streets, none of the players improved their combination. The Belarusian received 131,000 USD, earning more than 6.7 million USD for the year. His total earnings exceed 40.3 million USD.

Kiat Lee was the next to be eliminated when his K-10 failed to defeat A-J of the Canadian bracelet holder and regular participant in high-stakes events, Sam Greenwood. Lee earned 171,000 USD, taking third place. Phil Ivey and Sam Greenwood played in the heads-up. The first had 7,025,000 chips, and the second had 4,375,000. Greenwood slightly reduced the gap at the beginning of the game, but Ivey had twice as many chips closer to the final hand.

In the deciding hand, Greenwood had pocket jacks, and Ivey held K-Q. Q-Q-8-10-Q fell on the table, and Ivey collected four of a kind and became the champion. Greenwood received 268,000 USD, thanks to which the player’s earnings increased to 27 million USD.

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