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Ognyan Dimov won the PCA high roller

Ognyan Dimov started 2023 well, winning the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure prizes four times and finishing the championship with a career-best result of 990,655 USD. He managed to win this amount in an event for 25,000 USD, in which 187 players participated. The title was the fourth in the career of the Bulgarian player.

Ognyan Dimov won the PCA high roller 1

The earnings of the bracelet holder and two-time EPT champion increased to 4.4 million USD thanks to the victory. In Bulgaria, according to this indicator, he is second only to Dimitar Danchev, who has 6.6 million USD. Dimov received 1,176 CardPlayer rating points for the victory. This is the second final table for the Bulgarian. Earlier in the PCA series, he became the second in the event for 20,000 USD.

  1. Ognyan Dimov — 990,655 USD
  2. Ren Lin — 619,200 USD
  3. Anthony Hu — 442,300 USD
  4. Kayhan Mokri — 340,200 USD
  5. Brock Wilson — 261,700 USD
  6. Mustapha Kanit — 201,300 USD
  7. Dylan Smith — 167,700 USD
  8. Elio Fox — 139,700 USD
  9. Yuri Dzivielevski — 116,400 USD

The prize fund of the tournament, held at the Baha Mar Resort & Casino, was 4,444,055 USD. 27 people got into the prizes, and among them were Bryn Kenney (27th place), Michael Addamo (22nd place), Martin Zamani (20th place), Ryan Riess (15th place), Ethan Yau (13th place) and Joao Vieira (11th place).

The third and final day began with the fact that there were 17 contenders for the title, Ren Lin was a chip leader, and Dimov was third in the chip count. By the final table, Lin remained the leader, while Dimov moved to the middle of the table.

Ren Lin and Ognyan Dimov played in the heads-up

Two-time bracelet winner Elio Fox beat another two-time WSOP champion Yuri Dzivielevski (9th place — 116,400 USD), after which he left the event, losing to Dimov. Fox earned 139,700 USD. Then Dimov, with pocket sixes, clashed with the recent PCA pot limit Omaha champion Dylan Smith, who had a couple of tens. Dimov managed to collect a set and send his opponent home.

Then Ren Lin scored a couple of knockouts. First, the American got rid of Mustapha Kanit (6th place — 201,300 USD), winning a coin flip, and later defeated Brock Wilson’s 4-4 with pocket aces (5th place — 261,700 USD). The tournament ended for Kayhan Mokri when his A-Q lost to Dimov’s tens. Anthony Hu, with a short stack, was able to climb to the top of the chip count, but an unsuccessful bluff against Dimov made him short again.

Soon Hu went all-in with K-J but lost to Dimov’s flush. This is the fifth final for Hu in 2023. In January, the player earned 980,200 USD and scored 1,889 POY points.

Ren Lin and Ognyan Dimov played in the heads-up. Bulgarian min-raised from the button to 200,000 with K-10s, Lin equalized with BB with 7-6o. On the flop, 10-8-6 was dealt; Lin checked, and Dimov bet 500,000. Lin made a check-raise all-in with a pair and a gutshot; Dimov called. 8 appeared on the turn, and K appeared on the river. So Ognyan Dimov won the PCA high roller. Lin became a runner-up and earned 619,200 USD, which was the second highest result in his career.

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