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Michael Rossito scored a win in the Wynn Millions main event

After nine days of play, Michael Rossito scored a win in the Wynn Millions main event. In the 3,500 USD tournament, the American managed to beat 1,313 rivals who competed for a prize pool of 4,171,950 USD. The final table lasted about 10 hours, and in the heads-up, Rossito defeated Andrew Esposito. For the victory, he received 604,637 USD.

Michael Rossito scored a win in the Wynn Millions main event 1

Rossito started the final day with an average stack and did not suffer almost a single significant defeat all day. He was one of the most experienced players at the final table, so his victory is not surprising. The heads-up lasted 2.5 hours. During this time, each of the players was a chip leader, but in the end, Rossito won and earned the largest prize money in his career. In total, during his offline career, the poker player won more than 2.1 million USD.

As for the runner-up, Esposito also earned the biggest money in poker — 480,752 USD. Esposito stated that he is a cash player but has recently become interested in tournaments.

In the heads-up, Rossito played against Esposito

The final day started with the fact that there were 9 players in the game. The fifth day ended very slowly, so it seemed that the last day would pass at the same pace. However, from the first minutes, the actions began to develop rapidly. Cliff Ziff started the day with an average stack, but in the second hand of the day from 10-10, he faced a pair of Esposito’s aces. Kharlin Sued, with a short stack, lost to a straight flush of the same Esposito and took 8th place.

Towards the end of the first level, Zhigang Yang placed the last chips with 9-9, but lost to Mark Zajdner’s flush. After the break, the chip leader of the beginning of the day, Zachary Donovan, lost most of the chips to Zajdner, remaining with a short stack. The 6th place was taken by Jacob Powers, who made several ambiguous decisions during the day, including applying straddle.

Donovan, with his short stack, lasted quite a long time but eventually lost a coin to Zajdner and left the game. At the same time, Pedro Ingles calmly watched the other players lose their last chips. When the Spaniard finally decided to put 20 blinds with A-J, his bet was called by Rossito with A-K. No one improved, and Ingles took 4th place.

The remaining three, Esposito, Zajdner, and Rossito, fought for quite a long time, and none of the players had a noticeable advantage. As a result, Zajdner went all-in with pocket jacks, colliding with Rossito’s A-K. The ace on the flop decided everything.

  1. Michael Rossitto — 604,637 USD
  2. Andrew Esposito — 480,752 USD
  3. Mark Zajdner — 294,540 USD
  4. Pedro Ingles — 208,598 USD
  5. Zachary Donovan — 154,279 USD
  6. Jacob Powers — 120,361 USD
  7. Zhigang Yang — 96,706 USD
  8. Kharlin Sued — 80,310 USD
  9. Clifford Ziff — 67,765 USD

In the heads-up, Rossito played against Esposito. The future champion had a bigger stack, and he gradually replenished it with new chips. Esposito managed to get ahead only once, but he soon lost the advantage. An unsuccessful bluff against the nut street cost Esposito the title.

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