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Matthias Eibinger won the tournament in the Triton series

Another tournament ended in the Triton Mediterranean Poker Party 2022 series, where the next champion was determined. Matthias Eibinger won a tournament in the Triton series, participation in which cost 50,000 USD. A total of 32 players registered, creating a prize pool of 1,600,000 USD. In April, an Austrian player won exactly the same event with a buy-in of 50,000 USD, but then there were a little more players, and he earned 676,000 USD.

Matthias Eibinger won the tournament in the Triton series 1

Thanks to this victory, Eibinger received 408 POY points. With two titles and two more finishes in the top, Eibinger takes a place in the top 200 of the CardPlayer rating. The annual income of the Austrian exceeds 1.7 million USD. He also scored 327 PokerGO Tour points, which allowed him to take the 74th line of the rating.

  1. Matthias Eibinger — 545,000 USD
  2. Jonathan Jaffe — 375,000 USD
  3. Nikita Bodyakovsky — 245,000 USD
  4. Phillip Nagy — 185,000 USD
  5. Aleksejs Ponakovs — 140,000 USD
  6. Danny Tang — 110,000 USD

Danny Tang was the first to leave the final table, taking 6th place in this turbo tournament. The owner of the bracelet from Hong Kong earned 110,000 USD and 136 POY points. Two-time WSOP champion from Latvia Aleksejs Ponakovs took 5th place and received 140,000 USD and 170 POY points. This result allowed the Latvian player to climb to the 41st line of the CardPlayer rating. The 4th place and 185,000 USD went to Phil Nagy.

Belarusian poker superstar Nikita Bodyakovsky finished in the top three and received 245,000 USD. This is the ninth appearance of a poker player at the final tables of tournaments. Bodyakovsky won three titles this year, having managed to earn more than 6.6 million USD. In the CardPlayer rating, the player is in 12th place.

In the heads-up, Eibinger had fewer chips than his opponent, WPT champion Jonathan Jaffe. Eibinger managed to beat the opponent and become the winner. Jaffe received 375,000 USD.

Christopher Philippou won the Triton Pot Limit Omaha event

A few days before Eibinger’s victory, Christopher Philippou won the Triton Pot Limit Omaha event with a buy-in of 25,000 USD. For the first place, the player was awarded a title and 270,000 USD. In total, 32 entries were registered in this event, and the prize fund was 800,000 USD. The native of Cyprus won the biggest money in his career.

  1. Christopher Philippou — 270,000 USD
  2. Talal Shakerchi — 190,000 USD
  3. Yuriy Anisimov — 120,000 USD
  4. Stephen Chidwick — 92,000 USD
  5. Gregoire Auzoux — 72,000 USD
  6. Eric Seidel — 56,000 USD

The tournament was held simultaneously with the Coin Rivet Invitational with a buy-in of 200,000 USD, so it was poorly covered. Despite this, the event was attended by many famous players. One of them was Eric Seidel, who took 6th place and received 56,000 USD. The 62-year-old Hall of Fame member made it to the final table for the 11th time this year, winning almost 3.1 million USD in total. In the CardPlayer table, the player is in 15th place.

Frenchman Gregoire Auzoux took 5th place and received 72,000 USD. The current leader of the CardPlayer rating, Stephen Chidwick, once again scored POY points, taking 4th place and receiving 92,000 USD. Chidwick is now 1,454 points ahead of Chris Brewer. This year, Chidwick got to the final table 23 times and earned more than 6 million USD.

It is also possible to mention the Krasnodar citizen Yuriy Anisimov, who took 3rd place and received 120,000 USD. In the heads-up, Philippou was stronger than Talal Shakerchi. Shakerchi is not a professional player, but this did not prevent him from winning a little less than 9 million USD in poker.

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