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Martin Zamani won the Poker Masters event

On September 28, 2-time WSOP champion Martin Zamani won the Poker Masters event. It was a classic no-limit hold’em event, participation in which cost 10,000 USD. In total, 97 entries were recorded in this tournament, and the champion took 223,100 USD. This is the third largest win by an American player. In total, Zamani has won more than 4 million USD during his career . At the moment, the champions of six tournaments have been determined in the Poker Master series.

Martin Zamani won the Poker Masters event 1

Zamani was awarded 540 POY points for the victory. The poker player is gaining points for the second time this year. Earlier, he received points for finishing in the top in the Lucky Hearts Poker Open at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood. 223 PGT points turned out to be enough for Zamani to take the second place in the ranking of the best players of the championship. The American is second only to Jeremy Ausmus, who won the opening event, and then nominated seventh in the second tournament. Recall that the best player of the series will receive a purple jacket and 50,000 USD.

  1. Martin Zamani — 223,100 USD
  2. Jared Jaffee — 155,200 ​USD
  3. Justin Saliba — 116,400 ​USD
  4. Matthew Wantman — 97,000 ​USD
  5. Anthony Hu — 77,600 ​USD
  6. Masashi Oya — 58,200 ​USD
  7. Ken Aldridge — 48,500 ​​USD
  8. Jesse Lonis — 38,800 USD

This tournament has become a record attendance in the series this year. The prize fund of 970,000 USD was paid to the 14 best poker players. The winners of the bracelets were Amit Lehavot, Mitch Halverson, Jim Collopy, Ben Yu. All these players were eliminated on the first game day.

Jared Jaffee and Martin Zamani played in the heads-up

The second and last day of the tournament began with 9 players remaining in the game, and Masashi Oya had the most chips. Zamani occupied the 4th line of the chip count. Dan Shak was the first to be eliminated (9th place — 38,800 USD) when his pocket sevens collided with a pair of opponent’s nines. After that, the recent WSOP Online champion Jesse Lonis left the game. His A-K lost to Masashi Oya’s pocket jacks. Lonis received 38,000 USD and 90 POY points. This year, the American played at the 14th final tables. In the CardPlayer rating, the player takes 59th place.

The bracelet holder Ken Aldridge stopped in 7th place (48,500 USD) when his pocket aces were defeated by the A-J of WPT champion Matthew Wantman, who collected two pairs on the flop. Masashi Oya started the game day as a chip leader, he also stayed at the top of the table when there were six players in the game. Oya lost part of his stack in a battle with WPT champion Jared Jaffee. Oya lost another part of the stack to Martin Zamani. The remaining few BB of the player also went to the future champion. Oya received 58,200 USD.

Anthony Hu (77,600 USD) with A-J hand lost his last few BB to Jaffee, who had A-Q. On the river, Jaffee collected two pairs and knocked out his opponent. Matthew Wantman had only 2.5 BB left when he confronted Jaffee with K-4, who was holding Q-10. Jaffee eventually collected a flush. Wantman received 97,000 USD. The owner of the bracelet Justin Saliba (116,400 USD) with pocket eights could not cope with Jaffee holding pocket nines.

Jared Jaffee and Martin Zamani played in the heads-up. The first had 5,725,000 chips, the second had 6,400,000. Once Jaffee managed to get ahead, but by the time of the decisive hand, Zamani had three times as many chips. In the last hand of the tournament, Zamani collected a set and knocked out the opponent.

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