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Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo won the title of the PGT PLO champion

The PokerGO Tour series is already half completed — 5 tournaments out of 10 have passed. In the latest event to date, Spaniard Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo won the title of the PGT PLO champion. The 10,000 USD buy-in tournament attracted 112 players, which is why there was 1,120,000 USD in the prize pool. Of this money, the champion got 220,400 USD. This is the second largest prize money in Cabrerizo’s career, second only to the 234,328 USD won in 2019 at King’s Resort in Rozvadov, Czech Republic.

Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo won the title of the PGT PLO champion 1

The tournament, as usual, was held at the PokerGO studio in Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. It lasted two days. 7 players reached the final day, among whom the owner of the bracelet Joni Jouhkimainen had the largest stack. Cabrerizo had one of the shortest stacks, but due to an early double-up, he managed to stay afloat.

Jouhkimainen and Cabrerizo played in the heads-up

Jesse Chinni was the first to leave the final (7th place — 56,000 USD). Chinni was eliminated shortly before Cabrerizo tripled his stack thanks to pocket aces and became the leader. 4-time WSOP champion Josh Arieh with A-K-Q-10 lost to A-K-J-2 of Zhen Cai, who took 6th place in the main event of the WSOP 2019. Everything was decided by the jack that fell on the flop. Arieh lost most of the stack.

However, Arieh managed to make a mini-comeback, first tripling his stack and then quadrupling it. The 6th place was taken by Bogdan Capitan (67,200 USD), whose A-K-J-8 lost to A-A-10-5 of Cabrerizo. After that, it was Arieh’s turn, who went all-in with K-J-7-2 but lost to K-7-7-2 of Cabrerizo. For the 5th place, Arieh received 89,600 USD. Soon the 2-time owner of the bracelet Cliff Josephy (100,800 USD), also was eliminated. He put most of the stack on the pre-flop and then went all-in on the flop with overcards against a pair and a flush draw of Cabrerizo. Josephy eventually collected two pairs, but Cabrerizo improved to straight.

  1. Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo — 220,400 USD
  2. Joni Jouhkimainen — 194,000 USD
  3. Zhen Cai — 123,200 USD
  4. Cliff Josephy — 100,800 USD
  5. Josh Arieh — 89,600 USD
  6. Bogdan Capitan — 67,200 USD
  7. Jesse Chinni — 56,000 USD

The third was Zhen Cai when his-10-8-8 lost to 9-9-6-6 of Jouhkimainen. Both players improved to a set, but Finn’s combination turned out to be stronger. Jouhkimainen and Cabrerizo played in the heads-up. The Spaniard’s stack was twice as large. When the stacks leveled up a little, the players decided to discuss the deal and eventually came to an agreement. As a result of the deal, Cabrerizo received 200,400 USD, the Finn took 194,000 USD, and another 20,000 USD, and the title should have gone to the champion. In the final hand, both players collected a pair, but at the expense of the kicker, the Spaniard emerged as the winner.

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