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Juan Pardo became the champion of the EPT London launch event

On October 18, the WPT series started, held in London for the first time in 8 years. The championship started with a Mystery Bounty with a buy-in of 10,200 pounds. Juan Pardo became the champion of the EPT London launch event and earned a total of 240,000 pounds. Of this amount, 80,280 pounds was prize money, and the rest was rewards for knockouts. A total of 56 entries were registered in the tournament.

Juan Pardo became the champion of the EPT London launch event 1

  1. Juan Pardo — 80,280 pounds
  2. Henrik Hecklen — 52,640 pounds
  3. Erik Seidel — 38,160 pounds
  4. Bruno Volkmann — 28,950 pounds
  5. Jamil Wakil — 22,370 pounds
  6. Pedro Garagnani — 17,110 pounds
  7. Rodrigo Sirichuk — 13,160 pounds
  8. Pablo Brito Silva — 10,530 pounds

Pardo started the final day in the top 10 of the chip count, but when the payments for knockouts began, he rose sharply in the table. It was announced that there would be two bounties of 50,000 USD, and Pardo received both bonuses.

“I’ve played in three or four Mystery Bounty tournaments before, but I’ve never won the grand prize. It’s crazy that I pulled both and won about 240,000 when the reward for first place was 80,000 pounds,” the player said after the victory.

Pardo had six recent knockouts on his account, including knocking out Henrik Hecklen, who managed to take home 17,500 pounds as a bounty and the prize money for second place for 52,640 pounds.

In the heads-up of the tournament, Juan Pardo opposed Henrik Hecklen

A total of 28 players returned on the second game day, to which 13 more were added, after which registration ended. After the first break, 20 poker players remained in the game, among whom they raffled off 280,000-pound awards. Of these 260,000, 160,000 were taken by Pardo.

There were two knockouts on the bubble at once: Paul Newey and Daewoong Song were eliminated simultaneously at different tables. Their departure meant that each of the 8 remaining poker players guaranteed themselves at least 10,530 pounds. This money was eventually taken by Pablo Silva, who lost in the first hand of the final table.

After that, the game slowed down, and 7 players fought for 2 hours. As a result, Henrik Hecklen knocked out Rodrigo Sirichuk. Immediately after that, Pardo scored a double knockout, knocking out Pedro Garagnani and Jamil Wakil. Pardo did not stop there and knocked out Bruno Volkmann and Erik Seidel.

In the heads-up of the tournament, Juan Pardo opposed Henrik Hecklen. Before starting the game, the poker players took a short pause. After returning to the table, it took only one hand to determine the event’s winner. Pardo had already collected a flush on the flop so the opponent was already pulling dead. Hecklen received 52,640 pounds for the 2nd place, and Pardo took almost half of the total prize fund.

EPT London is held from October 18 to 28. The main event worth 5,300 pounds will begin on October 22 and end on the 28th.

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