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John Monnette won more than 200,000 USD at PGT Mixed Games

After several days of delay, 4-time WSOP bracelet winner John Monnette won more than 200,000 USD at PGT Mixed Games, becoming the champion of the mix tournament for 10,300 USD. The delay was caused by the fact that Monnette was playing in parallel with another event. The game was suspended in the heads-up. For the victory, Monnette received 211,200 USD and increased his career earnings to 3.6 million USD. Monnette doesn’t play tournaments that often, preferring cash games.

John Monnette won more than 200,000 USD at PGT Mixed Games 1

Monnette started the tournament on Sunday, February 5, and everything was supposed to end the following evening. He got to the heads-up against Albert Daher, after which the rivals agreed to suspend the game so that both could take part in tournament No. 3 with a buy-in of 10,300 USD, in which late registration was just closing.

As a result, Monnette again reached the final table, and the heads-up with Daher had to be postponed from Tuesday to Wednesday. Monnette became the fourth and earned 60,000 USD. Thanks to two good results, the player managed to become the leader of the race for the title of the best player of the championship. In the PGT rating, he is in the top 10.

Daher had a significant advantage

The mix tournament, consisting of 8 games, began on February 5. The first game day ended with Michael Noori losing the last chips, taking 8th place, and receiving 35,200 USD. The chip leader at that time was 5-time WSOP champion Brian Rast, and Daher was his closest pursuer. Soon Daher was ahead of his opponent and then broke away from his pursuers, beating Chris Vitch (7th place) in a triple draw.

The next eliminated was Michael Thorpe, who could not beat Brian Rast in no-limit Hold’em. Damjan Radanov in Omaha hi-lo lost to Daher and left the tournament. In the same Omaha, Monnette won a big pot from Brian Rast and narrowed the gap from his opponent. After that, Rast regained some chips when he was able to beat Craig Chait. Taking 4th place, Chait received 88,000 USD.

Despite the victory over Chait, Rast soon left the game. He and Daher collided in pot-limit Omaha. Rast went all-in with two pairs on the flop, and Daher called with two pairs and a flush draw. As a result, Daher managed to collect a flush and win the hand.

Daher had a significant advantage in the heads-up. His stack was 4.5 times larger than the opponent’s stack. After 90 minutes of confrontation, Monnette came forward. After that, the advantage changed hands several more times, and then the game was suspended for a couple of days.

  1. John Monnette — 211,200 USD
  2. Albert Daher — 149,600 USD
  3. Brian Rast — 105,600 USD
  4. Craig Chait — 88,000 USD
  5. Damjan Radanov — 70,400 USD
  6. Mike Thorpe — 52,800 USD
  7. Chris Vitch — 44,000 USD

On February 8, the game resumed; Daher won the hand in a triple draw and almost caught up with his opponent. However, Monnette managed to break away again, and by the final hand, the stack ratio was 10 to 1. In the last PLO hand, Monnette collected a straight and became the champion.

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