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Joey Weissman won the opening event of the US Poker Open

The owner of the WSOP bracelet, American Joey Weissman won the opening event of the US Poker Open and became a two-time champion of this series. A resident of the state of Florida with a buy-in of 10,000 USD beat 104 opponents and earned the second largest prize money in his career: 231,000 USD. Weissman’s income during his career increased to 5 million.

Joey Weissman won the opening event of the US Poker Open 1

In addition to the title and money, Weissman also earned numerous ranking points. The points he scored in this event were enough to bring him to 39th place in the CardPlayer standings. He has already won two titles this year. Most recently, he celebrated a victory in one of the events of the DeepStack Showdown championship, which was held at the Venetian Casino. For that victory, the player received 180,774 USD and 1,080 POY points.

Weissman also scored 231 PokerGO Tour points. He got ranking points for the first time in 2023, but that was enough to place him in 35th place. The contest itself lasted two days. At the close of day one, the number of participants had decreased from 105 to 6. The chipleader was World Poker Tour champion Justin Young, and Weissman was chasing him.

Young and Weissman played in the heads-up

Two-time WPT champion Jonathan Little was the first to leave the championship. He put the last chips on the preflop with 7-7, and he was opposed by the champion of the Wynn Millions main event Andrew Moreno with A-J. The jack on the flop was enough for Moreno to win the hand.

Following Little, Argentine Nacho Barbero went to rest, whose start of the year is going perfectly. The Argentine owner of the bracelet entered into a battle of raises with Justin Young and eventually went all-in with K-J. The opponent had A-K. On the flop, things got worse for the Argentine since one of the cards that fell out was an ace. A blank fell out on the turn, and Barbero pulled dead. During this year, Barbero has already won 3,048,550 USD.

After that, Young scored a second knockout, knocking out the short Matthew McEwan. Yang was stronger at the expense of the older couple. Shortly after, Andrew Moreno lost a coinflip to Weissman: pocket sevens lost to A-K due to the king falling on the flop.

  1. Joey Weissman — 231,000 USD
  2. Justin Young — 168 000
  3. Andrew Moreno — 126,000
  4. Matthew McEwan — 99,750
  5. Nacho Barbero — 78,750
  6. Jonathan Little — 63,000

Young and Weissman played heads-up. The stack ratio was 3:2 in favor of the former. The final battle lasted more than an hour and a half. During this period of time, Weissman managed not only to get ahead, but also to increase the gap. In the final hand, Young raised from the button with A-7, Weissman made a 3-bet with A-Q, and Young went 4-bet, putting 26 BBWeissman called, and the board was distributed to K-4-2-K-A. Both players collected two pairs, but at the expense of the kicker, Weissman emerged the winner.

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