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Jeremy Ausmus won the sixth bracelet

The 8th WSOP Online event took place the other day, in which 321 players contributed 3,200 USD each, thereby collecting a prize pool of 1,489,600 USD. This money was shared by 54 players, and the well-known American poker pro Jeremy Ausmus became the champion. Jeremy Ausmus won the sixth bracelet, joining 18 other players with six or more wins in the series. Earlier, Shaun Deeb became the six-time champion.


Ausmus confidently started the tournament and stayed on top of the chip count for a while, but after the loot stage he remained with a short stack. An experienced poker player managed to return some of the chips due to careful play, and by the final table he was already second in the chip count. The final table lasted a little more than two and a half hours and ended with Ausmus defeating the owner of the bracelet Christopher Castiglia. Ausmus’ reward was 360,036 USD.

Final table

A lot of experienced and well-known players took part in this tournament. Adam “PHsGoldShoes” Hendrix (54th place — 7,001 USD), Frank “thewholefunk” Funaro (38th — 7,596 USD), Justin “Jsaliba2” Saliba (32nd — 8,490 USD), Nick “cashusklay” Schulman (24th — 9,831 USD), Jason “EddieVedder” Koon (14th — 14,151 USD) and Tom “looter” Marchese (9th —22,492 USD) failed to reach the final table.

“wildace_hun” and Fred “staeks” Li, who were knocked out in the same hand, also did not reach the finals. The first one earned 29,196 USD, and Li got 38,878 USD. The champion of the main event of the WSOP 2021, Koray Aldemir, started the final with a short stack and was soon knocked out. The pocket Kings of Aldemir lost to Chance Kornuth’s square.

After that, “Cokinaalcubo” was eliminated, who with a pair of aces lost to a set of eights of Ausmus. The chip leader of the final table, Chance Kornuth, stayed on the first line for a long time, but several big losses made his stack the shortest. In his last hand, Kornuth went all-in, collecting the top pair on the flop. Unfortunately for him, Christopher Castiglia collected the straight.

  1. Jeremy “ChipChecka” Ausmus — 360,036 USD
  2. Christopher “Ccast93” Castiglia — 224,631 USD
  3. Ioannis “Cheeecha” Konstas — 151,939 USD
  4. Chance “BingShui” Kornuth — 108,442 USD
  5. “Cokinaalcubo” — 73,735 USD
  6. Korai “seatscramble” Aldemir — 53,029 USD

Ausmus, Konstas and Castiglia had almost equal stacks, but the future champion quickly pulled ahead. Konstas called one of Ausmus’ bets with K-8, but lost to two pairs and took 3rd place. In the heads-up, Ausmus had four times as many chips as Castiglia. Two double-ups put Castiglia ahead. After that, the chip leader changed several more times. In the end, Ausmus pulled ahead and it was time for the final hand.

In the last hand, Castiglia put the remaining 7 BB with 10-7s, and Ausmus held a pair of kings. The top couple survived, and Ausmus became the WSOP champion for the sixth time.

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