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Jason Mercier won the tournament for 25,000 USD at PGT Mixed Games

Jason Mercier is a five-time winner of the World Series of Poker bracelet, who earned more than $ 20 million offline. The 36-year-old father of three was an integral part of live poker for 10 years before he went online. Over the past 3.5 years, he has been in the prizes of live events only six times. The last title of the American until recently was dated 2019. On February 11, Jason Mercier won the tournament for 25,000 USD at PGT Mixed Games, once again becoming a major tournament champion.

Jason Mercier won the tournament for 25,000 USD at PGT Mixed Games 1

Mercier beat 56 rivals in the battle for the title, winning his 27th title and 367,500 USD. It was the only event in which an American took part. Mercier received 257 PGT points for the win, enough to get into the top 5 of the best players in the series.

“It was a lot of fun to play at this tournament. Besides, it was my first time in the PokerGO studio. I felt good in the game. Two days before the tournament, I participated in cash games, so I felt ready for mix games. I didn’t go all-in, except once in 2-7 triple draw, where I knocked out one guy. It was the only time I was at risk of leaving the tournament, so I feel like I played really well,” Mercier said.

The event included 7 games and lasted two days. The first day ended with 18 people left, and the chipleader was Dan Zack. Mercier had the third largest stack.

Daniel Zach played against Jason Mercier in the heads-up

6-time WSOP champion Daniel Negreanu knocked out Andrew Kelsall (7th place), who had a short stack, but soon he himself had to go all-in. Negreanu went all-in in no-limit Hold’em but could not beat the ladies of Jeremy Ausmus and took 6th place.

After that, Ausmus himself had a hard time. He lost several of big hands in pot-limit Omaha, then went all-in while playing stud, but couldn’t beat David Baker. Maxx Coleman lost his last chips while playing Badugi. Coleman lost to Baker’s three-card combination.

Baker lost most of his chips in Mercier’s no Limit Hold’em. The American lost the remaining chips while playing Razz. Baker’s abuser was Zack.

  1. Jason Mercier — 367 500 USD
  2. Daniel Zack — 345,000
  3. David Baker — 199,500
  4. Maxx Coleman — 142 500
  5. Jeremy Ausmus -114,000
  6. Daniel Negreanu — 85,500
  7. Andrew Kelsall — 71,250

In the heads-up, Daniel Zack played against Jason Mercier. The heads-up started with Zack having a little more chips, but the players decided to split the money. According to the deal, the winner took 367,500 USD, and the runner-up got 345,000 USD. Soon after, Mercier took almost all of the opponent’s chips in pot-limit Omaha. Then Zack managed to double up twice, but it couldn’t last long, and he lost to straight Marsier, losing the remaining chips.

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