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Jack Hardcastle became the winner of the main event Goliath X GUKPT

Last September, Jack Hardcastle became GUKPT Series champion for the first time by winning the main event in Leeds. Then, he managed to earn 98,836 dollars. A few months later, the Briton became the third in the GUKPT Grand Final and earned $146,734. The other day, Jack Hardcastle became the winner of the main event Goliath X GUKPT and won 125,450 pounds. After beating 548 competitors in a 1,000-pound buy-in tournament, he can be considered a two-time champion of the series.

Jack Hardcastle became the winner of the main event Goliath X GUKPT 1

The prize fund of the event was equal to 494,100 pounds, which went to only the 47 best poker players. The first to receive money was the Irishman Eoin Starr, who got 1,900 pounds. Players such as Rupinder Bedi, Robbie Bull, Usman Siddiue, John Hesp, Andrew Hedley and Paul Rigg also took part in the tournament and earned money, but did not reach the final.

Of the nine participants in the final game, seven received five-digit payouts. Anonymous players with the nicknames M.B and I.B took 9th and 8th places, respectively. They earned 7150 and 8,500 pounds.

Lorenz Boci, who became the champion of the 888Poker Cup 2022, finished 7th. He earned 10,900 pounds. Dani Dinucci became the 6th and won the largest sum in his career — 14,700 pounds. 5th place and 20,400 pounds went to Mitchell Hynam, which became a record in his career. Hynam’s previous best result was 12,100 pounds, which he received for 6th place in the GUKPT Coventry 2022 main tournament.

The remaining four decided not to make a deal, as is often the case in tournaments of this level. Francis Obadun earned 31,300 pounds for 4th place, which was his second best result in his career. The player received more money for the 2nd place at the 888Poker Cup, which was won by the Boci, who was mentioned earlier.

Yucel Mad Turk Eminoglu took a place in the top three and earned 50,750 pounds. The Turkish poker player earned more money for the 2nd place in the GUKPT Grand Final 2021 – 183,650 pounds. Eminoglu’s departure meant that Hardcastle was left one-on-one against Liverpool poker player John Adderley. A player from an industrial city in England could not cope with a colleague and received 85,400 pounds. This is the second time that Adderley has become a runner-up of the GUKPT main event.

Ciaran Duffy became the triumphant Goliath X HR

In addition to the main event, Goliath hosted another interesting tournament – High Roller with a buy-in of 1,500 pounds. The little-known Irish poker player Ciaran Duffy became the triumphant Goliath X HR and earned 61,750 pounds. Before that, his tournament earnings did not exceed 3000 pounds. Duffy managed to beat 141 opponents in the event with a prize of 214,500 pounds.

In the heads-up, Duffy was able to beat the Scotsman Gajantan Kamalanathan. The 2nd-place resident of Glasgow became richer by 40,150 pounds. This is his best career earnings to date. All finalists of the tournament:

  1. Ciaran Duffy — 61,750 pounds
  2. Gajantan Kamalanatan — 40 150
  3. Anthony Hughes — 25,750
  4. Minvydas Kersulis — 17,300
  5. Chris Wood — 11,950
  6. Jack O’Neill — 8,650
  7. Matt Davenport — 6,800
  8. JC — 5750
  9. Tan Le — 5150

The actions in the series do not end there. Right now, the Goliath X tournament is taking place, which has already collected 5,000 entries. Organizers expect more than 10,000 entries in this event with a buy-in of 120 pounds. If their expectations are met, the prize pool will be more than a million pounds, which is quite a lot for such a buy-in.

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