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Invite your friends to a PartyPoker party

If you went on the road with a friend, if you went on the road with a friend… I think no one needs to be reminded of the continuation of this famous song, which was first performed in the Soviet film “In Secret to the Whole World”, and then it was often sung at music lessons in schools. Playing poker with friends is also more fun and interesting. The PartyPoker poker room allows its clients to invite their friends and acquaintances and receive cashback for this. How? You will find out if you read our material.

Invite your friends to a PartyPoker party: sending an invitation

This promotion is held in the “Reward Plan” section, and, according to the terms, participants are promised joint payments for weekly cycles (from 0.00 Monday to 23.59 Sunday). In order to receive a shared cashback, you and your friend need to participate in giveaways at least once every two months, but it is better, of course, to do it more often. Starting from May 25, 2020, the invited poker player receives 5% of the total cashback.

It is important to keep in mind that, as a PartyPoker client, you will not be able to invite a resident of the United Kingdom or a person associated with the room on a commercial or partner basis to the poker room. For example, a permanent streamer that has some information that is not available to ordinary users. You should also make sure that the invited player is 18 years old and has never been registered to a PartyPoker.

If you understand the main meaning of inviting friends to a PartyPoker party, then study the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the PartyPoker promotions, find “Invite now”, and send a special code to your friend.
  • You can perform such an operation if both you and he have accounts on Facebook (only Android holders can use Messenger) and Twitter. Whatsapp is also suitable. Then find a unique invitation and forward it as well.

Note that you can use this function in relation to not only one person. Thus, PartyPoker players have the opportunity to gather a whole gang of like-minded people.

Invite your friends to a PartyPoker party: important information

In addition to the main provisions, be sure to read the additional ones. For example, if you live in the same house with a friend, then you will not be able to invite him to a PartyPoker party because you will have the same addresses. Also, tell your friend that he should not pass the unique link to third parties. In case of any violation of the terms of the promotion, the organizers of the poker room have the right to block the accounts of both the one who invites and the other who is invited.

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