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Gor Ghazaryan became the Sochi Poker Cup champion

Today, the Sochi poker festival called SPF Spring is coming to an end. One of the most interesting events turned out to be the Sochi Poker Cup with a buy-in of 28,000 rubles, in which there were 5 starting flights. More than 600 entries were made, and Gor Ghazaryan became the Sochi Poker Cup champion, earning almost 2.5 million rubles.

Gor Ghazaryan became the Sochi Poker Cup champion 1

You could play in each of the flights, but you were allowed to go further with the largest stack. Igor Talonpoika successfully passed twice on the second day of the tournament, receiving 43,750 rubles for the first stack. The player did not manage to go far, and he received the second minimum payout.

601 players took part in the Sochi Poker Cup at SPF Spring. The attendance record was set two years ago, when Vladimir Varentsov beat 798 rivals. For the victory, the Russian received 1.8 million. This amount is due to the fact that at that time the buy-in was 17,000 rubles.

Gor Ghazaryan and Igor Duda remained in the heads-up

78 players entered the prize zone of the tournament. It took six hours of play to get to the finals. The first to leave the final was Svyatoslav Andrienko, who put the last 5 bb with Q-J and lost to Alexey Sokovoy’s pocket queens. In the next decisive hand, two short stacks collided. Kirill Sukhomlinov with K-J played against A-7 Shukhrat Fayziev. The jack on the flop was enough for Sukhomlinov to win.

The 7th place was taken by Kirill Kurenkov, who with K-9 lost to Gore Ghazaryan, who had K-J. In a three-way all-in, Alexander Ozhgibesov with A-10 played against Alina Fadeeva with K-J and Kirill Sukhomlinov with Q-8. J-K-Q-Q-10 was distributed on the board, Ozhgibesov collected a straight and knocked out two rivals at once. Sukhomlinov stopped at the 6th line, Fadeeva became the fifth. Alexander Sokovoy with A-K lost in the classic style to Igor Duda’s pocket sixes and took 4th place. The third was Alexander Ozhgibesov, who lost to Igor Duda’s K-9s with A-10o.

  1. Gor Ghazaryan — 2,460,710 rubles
  2. Igor Duda — 2,013,410 rubles
  3. Alexander Ozhgibesov — 1,265,600
  4. Alexey Sokovoy — 916,650 rubles
  5. Alina Fadeeva — 663,250 rubles
  6. Kirill Sukhomlinov — 506,100 rubles
  7. Kirill Kurenkov — 401,450 rubles
  8. Shukhrat Fayziev — 325,050 rubles
  9. Svyatoslav Andrienko — 261,800 rubles

Gor Ghazaryan and Igor Duda remained in the heads-up. The players decided to make a deal, leaving the cup and 10% of the prize money for the draw. In the last hand of the evening, Ghazaryan had A-K, Duda had K-J. Both players caught the king on the flop, but at the expense of the kicker, Ghazaryan eventually won. The champion took a record amount for himself — 2,460,710 rubles. Runner-up replenished the bankroll by 2,013,410 rubles, which also became a record in his career.

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