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GGPokerOk Fish Buffet

Every popular poker room has its unique loyalty program for all players, which operates regularly. Today we will tell you about GGPokerOk Fish Buffet – the largest cashback offer. Get ready for a sea voyage to the depths of cashback and free spins of the prize wheel.

GGPokerOk Fish Buffet
GGPokerOk Fish Buffet: what is the loyalty program

As soon as a player registers at GGPokerOk , he becomes not only a full client of the poker room but is also automatically added to the loyalty program by Fish Buffet. In other words, if you translate it into Russian – a fish buffet.

The program consists of 7 levels and 6 possible ranks. Based on the name, it is understandable that all names will be associated with the marine theme.

The lowest level starts from Plankton, and the highest belongs to the level called Shark. It is easy to guess that the higher the level, the more privileges the player gets and vice versa.

We present you all possible levels of GGPokerOk Fish Buffet in descending order:

  • Shark (shark).
  • Whale (whale).
  • Octopus (octopus).
  • Crab (crab).
  • Shrimp (shrimp).
  • Goldfish (goldfish).
  • Plankton (plankton).

We fixed it. Now you need to understand why this program is important for the clients of the poker room GGPokerOk. Firstly, depending on the level occupied, the player receives the corresponding percentage of cashback (from 15% to 60%), and secondly, he takes part in the drawing of cash prizes due to free spins (prizes from $ 0.75 to $ 7,500).

GGPokerOk Fish Buffet: how to gain points at the levels

To go to any of the levels of GGPokerOk Fish Buffet, you need to collect rake points. For every dollar earned, the player is awarded 100 points ($0.01 rake = 1 FP), or, in other words, 100 FP. FP is a unit of measure for bonus points, short for Fish Points. However, the number may vary slightly depending on the type of tournament and its difficulty.

Now let’s take a closer look at the table with the levels and ranks of the GGPokerOk loyalty program.

GGPokerOk Fish Buffet: loyalty program levels
Level Rank Points Time required to score points Prize wheel Cashback size
Shark Black Shark Fixed cashback 60%
Diamond & nbsp;

& nbsp;

750.000 points

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

60 days

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

750-7.500 dollars

Platinum 58%
Gold 57%
Silver 56%
Bronze 55%
Whale Black Whale Fixed cashback 50%
Platinum & nbsp;

275.000 points

& nbsp;

60 days

& nbsp;

300-2.220 dollars

Gold 45%
Silver 42%
Bronze 40%
Octopus Black Octopus Fixed cashback 35%
Gold & nbsp;

60.000 points

& nbsp;

30 days

& nbsp;

60-360 dollars

Silver 32%
Bronze 30%
Crab Gold & nbsp;

12.000 points

& nbsp;

15 days

& nbsp;

12-60 dollars

Silver 27%
Bronze 26%
Shrimp Gold & nbsp;

6.000 points

& nbsp;

15 days

& nbsp;

6-30 dollars

Silver 23%
Bronze 22%
Goldfish Black Fish Fixed Cashback 20%
Goldfish 1.500 points 7 days $ 1.5-5 17%
Plankton Start level 750 points 7 days $ 0.75-2 15%

You’ve probably noticed that there are ranks marked with Black in the table on some levels. These levels have different conditions. The most important thing: unlike other levels, Black is not reset and is valid for a whole year.

How do you get Black status? This level can be reached by:

  • Gold, Silver, Bronze Shrimp can switch to Black Fish.
  • Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Whales can switch to Black
  • Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Sharks can switch to Black Whale.
  • Diamond Shark can switch to Black Shark.

Switching takes place in the settings in the personal GGPokerOk lobby.

To maintain the level of black metal, you need to collect a certain amount of FP per year:

  • Black Shark = 5.000.000 points.
  • Black Whale = 1.750.000 points.
  • Black Octopus = 750,000 points.

Black Fish does not limit its status with time.

We should mention that if a poker player does not collect the required number of points during the specified time (and the level, except for blacks, must be maintained constant), it will be reduced to the previous one. It regards all levels of GGPokerOk Fish Buffet. In this case, the cashback will be 10%.

GGPokerOk Fish Buffet: prize wheel

As soon as a poker player reaches a new level in GGPokerOk Fish Buffet, he is awarded free spins of the prize wheel. They can be found in the personal lobby in the “My bonuses” section.

GGPokerOk Fish Buffet: Prize Wheels
Level Possible prize money
Shark 750 $, 1.500 $, 2.500 $, 3.500 $, 5.000 $, 7.500 $.
Whale 300 $, 500 $, 750 $, 1.000 $, 1.500 $, 2.200 $.
Octopus 60 $, 80 $, 120 $, 180 $, 250 $, 360 $.
Crab $ 12, $ 18, $ 24, $ 30, $ 40, $ 60.
Shrimp $ 6, $ 9, $ 12, $ 15, $ 20, $ 30.
Goldfish 1.5 $, 1.8 $, 2.1 $, 2.5 $, 3.5 $, 5 $.
Plankton 0.75 $, 0.8 $, 1 $, 1.2 $, 1.5 $, 2 $.

Prize money amounts are credited automatically at the end of the drawing. If the player does not use the free spins of the prize wheel within 30 days, they will be launched by the system independently, and all the winning amounts will go to the deposit.

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