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GGPokerOk first deposit bonus

The market for online platforms that offer virtual poker rooms is so wide and large that it happens that you don’t know where it would be best to stop. We will give you a hint: you need to choose the room where your heart skips a beat or where profitable bonuses for beginners are. Here’s how to get the GGPokerOk first deposit bonus.

GGPokerOk first deposit bonus
What is a first deposit bonus?

A real man must build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. Wait, we’re not sexist; a real woman can do the same. A real player of the poker room must create an account, verify it and replenish the deposit. Only after completion of these three stages you can qualify for the welcome bonus.

What is a first deposit bonus at a poker room? Such bonuses are included in the developed fixed incentive program for new clients of the poker room. To start taking part in poker tournaments for real money, you need to replenish your balance in one way or another – this is understandable. And you can get a bonus when you deposit money into your account.

The size of the welcome bonus is directly proportional to the amount of your first deposit. Deposit a large amount – get a large reward. Decide to transfer a small amount – get a moderate bonus.

However, you should always remember that each promotional offer has its own rules for receiving, using, wagering, and limiting the bonus. It should be taken into account when choosing profitable options for new players in poker rooms.

The advantage of the GGPokerOk first deposit bonus is that the company offers two bonuses to choose from. Let’s find out what newbies can get.

GGPokerOk first deposit bonus: what the poker room offers

GGPokerOk poker room offers new customers two welcome bonuses to choose from:

  • $ 100 for tournaments.
  • 100% GGPokerOk first deposit bonus.

Believe me, it rarely happens when the poker room allows you to choose the desired reward for the initial replenishment of the deposit. Let’s figure out together what is more profitable to choose.

GGPokerOk first deposit bonus: $100 for tournaments

As soon as you make a $20 deposit, a bonus rewards newcomers with $100 of tournament money will be available. However, it should be understood that the amount will not be paid to you immediately. It will be credited to your account gradually, six days in a row, in the form of tournament tickets for Spin & Gold.

Spin & Gold Tournament Tickets – GGPokerOk First Deposit Bonus:

  • Day 1 – Tickets worth $ 9.50 are issued.
  • 2nd day – tickets worth $ 5 are issued.
  • 3rd day – tickets worth $ 4 are issued.
  • 4th day – tickets worth $ 5 are issued.
  • Day 5 – $ 6.50 worth of tickets issued.
  • 6th day – tickets worth $ 10 are issued.

And the rest of the amounts will become available after completing the AoF missions.

AoF Missions – GGPokerOk First Deposit Bonus:

  • Day 1 – For 100 hands played, the player receives $ 2.
  • Day 2 – For 200 hands played, the player receives $ 4.
  • Day 3 – For 300 hands played, the player receives $ 6.
  • 4th day – for 400 hands played, the player receives $ 8.
  • Day 5 – For 500 hands played, the player receives $ 10.
  • 6th day – for 1000 hands played, the player receives $ 15.

After completing all the tasks, within six days, the poker player receives a ticket in the amount of 15 USD to qualify at GGMasters .

GGPokerOk first deposit bonus: 100% bonus

First, let’s understand what “100% bonus” means. As a rule, wherever a 100% bonus is indicated, the welcome reward is equal to the first deposit amount.

At the very beginning of the article, we mentioned the limits. So, GGPokerOk has the following conditions:

  • The minimum deposit is $5.
  • The maximum deposit is $600.

It means that the beginner can decide whether he wants to receive the minimum bonus or the maximum.

However, you should remember about the wagering rules, or, in other words, the process of transferring the received bonus funds into real currency. In total, to do this, you need to generate rake:

20 USD rake equals 5 real dollars.

For example, if you top up your balance by $10, you will receive 10 bonus dollars in return. You earn $20 rake and get 10 real dollars on your account. But remember that wagering is limited to 90 days.

How to get GGPokerOk first deposit bonus

First deposit bonuses will be available to those users who use ggpokerok promocode – win777 when registering. Separately, we, the Poker-Royal777 team, as a partner of the GGPokerOk company, offer additional bonuses according to the promocode:

  • $ 11 for online slots.

Participation in VIP races.

For additional questions about the privileges that the promocode gives, you can contact the manager of our resource.

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