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Frank Funaro won the WSOP Gold Bracelet

The WSOP Online series is coming to an end, and one of the last champions was determined on Sunday. Frank Funaro won the WSOP Gold Bracelet, becoming the first in the 29th event of the championship. Funaro received 94,096 USD and his first gold bracelet for winning the 1,000 USD buy-in tournament.

Frank Funaro won the WSOP Gold Bracelet 1

The 29th event, called $1000 No-Limit Hold’em, attracted 318 players who made 224 re-entries. Thanks to 542 entries, it was possible to collect 487,800 USD, and after nine hours of playing, Frank “thewholefunk” Funaro became the champion. He received a gold bracelet and 94,096 USD. Funaro was closing the chip count when the final game started, but that didn’t stop him from knocking out six opponents, including John “bigtuna22” Ypma, whom he beat in the heads-up.

  1. Frank “thewholefunk” Funaro — 94,096 USD
  2. John “bigtuna22” Ypma — 68,096 USD
  3. Matthew “peepeepoopoo” Paoletti — 49,560 USD
  4. Zachary “thepepster5” Epstein — 35,902 USD
  5. Daniel “BackDoorDan” Smith — 26,146 USD
  6. Bradley “banderson0” Anderson — 19,316 USD
  7. Mike “THICC” Del Vecchio — 14,194 USD
  8. Brandon “Beeeskerz” Zuidema — 10,536 USD

Funaro is a professional player with an income of just over 1.5 million USD. He recently became the owner of the WSOPC gold ring when he won an event for 320 USD and earned 19,526 USD. There are several six-figure sums in the list of his winnings, the largest of which is 219,089 USD. He received money for 2nd place in one of the WSOP 2020 events.

In the heads-up, John “bigtuna22” Ypma opposed Funaro

After the bubble boy was determined (Nipun “javatini” Java — 61st place), events began to develop rapidly. The field was reduced to the final eight players in just two and a half hours. Brandon “Beeeskerz” Zuidema was the first to leave the final game. The next to exit was Mike “THICC” Del Vecchio, who got a pair of kings on the flop, but it turned out that Matthew “peepeepoopoo” Paoletti had a straight.

The 6th place was taken by Bradley “banderson0” Anderson when his pocket queens lost to A-Q of John Ypma, who got another ace on the river. Daniel BackDoorDan Smith had a good game but stopped at 5th place. Smith collected the top pair, but Funaro collected nut straight and sent the opponent to rest.

Fourth and third place winners Zachary “thepepster5” Epstein (4th place) and Matthew “peepeepoopoo” Paoletti (3rd place) also became the victims of Funaro. Epstein with A-4 lost to Funaro with A-10, and Paoletti’s A-3 turned out to be weaker than the two pairs of the opponent.

In the heads-up, John “bigtuna22” Ypma opposed Funaro. The game lasted only a few hands when Ypma decided to go all-in with A-10, and Funaro had A-Q. None of them improved further, and Ypma finished 2nd, receiving 68,096 USD.

Following Funaro, the champion of the 30th event was a player under the nickname “smeagol”, who won a high roller for 5,300 USD and earned 119,000 USD. The series’s 31st, 32nd, and 33rd events are being held right now.

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