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Florian Guimond won the WCOOP Main event

After 4 days of active actions, Florian Guimond won the WCOOP main event with a buy-in of 1,050 USD. A resident of the UK in a heads-up, which lasted only 12 hands, defeated Pedro Dib and earned 603,142 USD. The guarantee of the tournament was 5 million USD, for which 4,696 players decided to compete. The series, as usual, took place at PokerStars.

Florian Guimond won the WCOOP Main event 1

The tournament was like a roller coaster for Guimond: after the second day he was a chip leader, but on the third day he turned out to be one of the outsiders. Thus, he managed to get to the final table, where he continued to stay at the bottom of the chip count. At the early levels, he made his way to the middle of the table, and then completely won.

  1. Florian “Twicyyy” Guimond — 603,142 USD
  2. Pedro “dibmestre” Dib — 488,407 USD
  3. Goran “mandza17” Mandic — 480,857 USD
  4. rObetOblancO — 251,882 USD
  5. Bernardo “BernardoDG” Granato — 178,107 USD
  6. Ryan “planty07/08” Plant — 125,941 USD
  7. “Royal Mind” — 89,053 USD
  8. Alexios “J0hnny_Dr@m@” Zervos — 62,970 USD
  9. “paoronaldo” — 44,527 USD

The actions at the final table developed rapidly, but it still took almost an hour to see the first knockout. The average stack at that time was equal to 55 BB. Brazilian “paoronaldo”, who started the final table as one of the leaders, was the first to leave the game. With Q-10, he lost to Guimond’s A-K and took 9th place.

Alexios “J0hnny_Dr@m@” Zervos was eliminated next. A professional British poker player tried to increase his small stack and went all-in against Goran “mandza17” Mandic, but lost. Mandic continued to gain momentum and outplayed “Royal Mind”.

Pedro Dib and Florian Guimond remained in the heads-up

At level 51 (1,250,000/2,500,000/325,000), three players were eliminated at once. Guimond made a bet with pocket aces, to which Ryan “planty07/08” Plant responded with a 3-bet with A-J. Guimond put a 4-bet, and Plant had to go all-in. Plant failed to improve, and he took 6th place. Three hands later, Bernardo “BernardoDG” Granato with pocket eights lost to Pedro Dib’s A-Q when he collected a straight. After five more hands, “rObetOblancO” and Guimond collected the top pair on the flop, but the second one came forward due to the kicker. No one improved on the other streets, and “rObetOblancO” went home.

The three remaining players suspended the game and decided to discuss the deal. After some hesitation, Dib, Guimond and Mandic came to a compromise and continued the game. After that, Mandic raised with A-6 and got a 3-bet all-in by Dib with A-7. Mandic called and collected a couple of sixes on the flop. On the river, 7 were dealt, and Dib came out the winner.

Pedro Dib and Florian Guimond remained in the heads-up. Dib had more chips before the start of the decisive battle, but soon he lost a big pot, and Guimond came forward. In the final hand, Dib had A-3, his opponent had J-J. None of them improved further, which made Guimond the champion.

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