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Felipe Boianovsky won the main SCOOP and earned 1,036,200 USD

A few days ago, a major tournament that took place as part of the Spring Championship Of Online Poker ended at PokerStars. It was a central event with a 10,300 USD buy-in. Brazilian Felipe Boianovsky won the main SCOOP and earned 1,036,200 USD. A total of 587 players competed for the prize pool of 5,870,000 USD.


The four-day main started on May 28, and 235 players reached the second day. 71 players got into the prizes. Several PokerStars ambassadors were in the game, but none of them reached the prize zone. Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes went the furthest, finishing in the top 100. The third day began with Mike Watson being second in the chip count, but the EPT champion could not realize the advantage and took 16th place.

The chip leader of the final was Deiv4za, who had more than 28 million chips. The first to leave the game was American Landon Tice, who earned a little more than 100,000 USD. hello_totti and Daniel “DaniC19941893” Custodio dropped out next. The remaining six played for about an hour before the reigning champion of the tournament, WelcomelNferNO, went all-in with A-3, but ran into the kings of Paulo “paulinhoo00” Brombin.

  1. Felipe “lipe piv” Boianovsky — 1,036,200 USD
  2. Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas — 768,359 USD
  3. Paulo “paulinhoo00” Brombin — 569,751 USD
  4. DingeBrinker — 422,480 USD
  5. Deiv4za — 313,277 USD
  6. WelcomelNferNO — 232,300 USD
  7. Daniel “DaniC19941893” Custodio — 172,255 USD
  8. hello_totti — 127,729 USD
  9. Landon “AnyExtras” Tice — 100,011 USD

The fifth place was taken by the chip leader of the finale Deiv4za, the fourth was DingeBrinker, and Paulo Brombin entered the top 3. Boianovsky and Laszlo Bujtas played in the heads-up. The advantage passed from hand to hand, until at one point Boianovsky with a nut straight did not overcome the opponent’s overpair. Bujtas won back some chips, but still conceded.

Two more cheaper main events

It was the most expensive main SCOOP. There were two more cheaper main events. Latvian player rolandinjo won the tournament for 1,050 USD and earned 600,640 USD. In the heads-up rolandinjo defeated the Croat moffo13. Tournament standings:

  1. rolandinjo — 600,640 USD
  2. moffo13 — 424,715 USD
  3. Gabriel “aaurelio” Moura — 300,318 USD
  4. bombon73 — 212,358 USD
  5. Bretera — 150,160 USD
  6. Vicente “vicenfish” Delgado — 106,179 USD
  7. 2ndOnly2God — 75,080 USD
  8. IReadB00ks —53,090 USD
  9. FAPTOBbIY_BACK — 37,540 USD

In the cheapest main, as expected, there were the most entries — 22,663. Admission cost was 109 USD. The reward for the first place was 232,581 USD, and the Ukrainian player Sodaski took it. Another Ukrainian, LUCKXXXL, finished seventh and earned 30,511 USD.

  1. Sodaski — 232,581 USD
  2. PokerHorst — 165,777 USD
  3. BluffyRabbit — 118,171 USD
  4. URIEL_ROCK — 84,236 USD
  5. Mattheus “bolonhax” Freitas — 60,046 USD
  6. Daniel “dani aziz” Aziz — 42,803 USD
  7. LUCKXXXL — 30,511 USD
  8. nonni77 — 21,749 USD
  9. XGGJ88x — 15,503 USD

A serious contender for victory was PokerHorst, who started the day as a chip leader. However, when there were three people left, Sodaski made a double-up, and then knocked out BluffyRabbit, which allowed him to start the heads-up with an advantage.

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