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Eng Soon Ewe became the champion of Poker Dream Vietnam

On October 20, Malaysian player Eng Soon Ewe became the champion of Poker Dream Vietnam by winning a super high roller with a buy-in of 230,000,000 VND (9,900 USD). This is only the second such tournament in the history of the series. In the heads-up, it took only two hands for a player to defeat Hong Kong poker player Devan Tang.

Eng Soon Ewe became the champion of Poker Dream Vietnam 1

The most expensive tournament on the schedule was held at the luxurious five-star Hoiana Hotel, which is located near the coast. The prize fund of the event was 19,699,960,000 VND (806,053 USD). Eng Soon Ewe took 5,230,000,000 VND, and runner-up Tang got 3,634,000,000 VND. During the tournament, Ewe and Tang were on the verge of relegation. Ewe survived the bubble with great difficulty, and Tang had less than 3 big blinds at some point. Nevertheless, they managed to beat such professionals as Hamish Crawshaw and Danny Tang, who took 3rd and 4th places, respectively.

  1. Eng Soon Ewe — 5,230,000,000 VND (213,993 USD)
  2. Devan Tang — 3,634,000,000 VND (148,691 USD)
  3. Hamish Crawshaw — 2,403,000,000 VND (98 322 USD).
  4. Danny Tang — 1,882,000,000 VND (77 005 USD)
  5. Tzer Chiuan Lim — 1,516,000,000 VND (62,029 USD)
  6. Dung Tien Pham — 1,182,000,000 VND (48,363 USD)
  7. Wei Hsiang Yeu — 935,960,000 VND (38,296 USD)
  8. Zhi Yi Ning – 729,000,000 VND (29,828 USD)
  9. Eng Siang Ewe — 552,000,000 VND (22,586 USD)

Lester Edoc was eliminated on the bubble. Players such as Kartik Ved, Ferdinand Putra, and Chi-Jen Chu received cash payments. A regular participant of the Triton series tournaments, Wai Leong Chan, stopped a step away from the final table.

Devan Tang played with Eng Soon Ewe in the heads-up

The champion’s brother, Eng Siang Ewe, reached the final table, albeit with a short stack. He managed to double his stack twice, but he was still the first to leave the decisive game, taking 9th place.

Then Zhi Yi Ning, Wei Hsiang Yeu, Dung Tien Pham, and Tzer Chiuan Lim left the tournament. After the bubble, it seemed that Danny Tang was destined to become the tournament champion. After winning two big hands, he became a chip leader, but then the advantage passed to Crawshaw and then to the future champion Eng Soon Ewe. Tang lost in one of the hands of Ewe, and was unable to return to the game, taking 4th place.

After Danny Tang’s departure, another Tang remained in the game — Devan, who dealt with Hamish Crawshaw. After the departure of two famous players, Devan Tang played with Eng Soon Ewe in the heads-up. In the last hand of the tournament, Ewe had A-J, and Tang had 9-9. On the flop, Ewe collected two pairs and became the champion.

On October 20, the Poker Dream Vietnam main event began with the largest guarantee in the history of the tournament. The organizers planned to raffle 10,000,000,000 VND (404,449 USD), but thanks to 822 entries, they managed to raise a fund of 17,940,150,000 VND (725,588 USD). At the moment, 128 players remain in the game, and the chip leader is Changhwan Lee, who has 600,000 chips. Poker Dream Vietnam started on October 14 and is scheduled to end on October 23.

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