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Dmitriy Kopyl became the champion of the most expensive SPF Spring tournament

From April 20 to April 30, Sochi hosts the popular SPF Spring championship, in the schedule of which 63 tournaments (33 cup tournaments) were announced. The champions of almost all events were determined, with the exception of a few, including the main. On April 30, the super high roller with a buy-in of 245,000 rubles ended. Dmitriy Kopyl became the champion of the most expensive SPF Spring tournament and replenished the bankroll by almost 5 million rubles.

Dmitriy Kopyl became the champion of the most expensive SPF Spring tournament 1

82 players decided to contribute a considerable amount by the standards of Sochi tournaments, thereby creating a prize fund of almost 18 million rubles. 11 people got into the prizes, and the minimum payout was 442,750 rubles. Each of the finalists guaranteed themselves 505,050 rubles, and the exact amount for the first place was 4,864,370 rubles. The final table could be watched on the YouTube channel of the organizer of the championship.

In one of the early hands of the tournament, Igor Zakharov went 4-bet on 125 BB with a pair of aces, his bet was called by Stefan Prostorov with 10-diamonds, 9-diamonds and Vadim Gaiduk with 6-diamonds, 5-diamonds. Already on the flop Prostorov and the Gaiduk collected a flush. Zakharov decided to go all-in, his rivals called again. The turn and the river were blank, which meant that Prostorov won the hand. After such a victory, there were 2,350 BB in the hands of Prostrov. Despite the huge stack, the Prostorov did not get to the prizes.

The players decided to split the money

The final table began with Ivan Tukmachev placing a bet with a pair of aces, and Alexander Denisov going all-in with A-10. A 10 appeared on one of the streets, but this was not enough to defeat the opponent. Shortly before this hand, Tukmachev himself avoided relegation by folding with A-K against Dmitriy Kopyl’s pocket jacks.

The 8th place was taken by Alexander Kirichenko, who lost a coin with A-J against a pair of nines by Aren Bezhanyan. The battle of the blinds, in which Eduard Barsegyan and Vladislav Varlashin participated, ended in favor of the former. Barsegyan’s pocket sixes turned out to be stronger than the opponent’s A-J. The 6th place was taken by Ivan Tukmachev, who lost to Kopyl’s pair of eights with 10-9s.

The champion of the SPF Spring high roller event Vahe Martirosyan with pocket jacks defeated Aren Bezhanyan with A-Q. Bezhanyan took 5th place. The fourth was Vadim Lipovka, who failed to beat Dmitriy Kopyl’s A-K with A-9. In the next decisive hand, Eduard Barsegyan (3-3) and Vahe Martirosyan (A-K) met. An ace appeared on the flop, which decided the outcome of the hand.

  1. Dmitriy Kopyl — 4,864,370 rubles
  2. Vahe Martirosyan — 3,635,450 rubles
  3. Eduard Barsegyan — 2,406,950 rubles
  4. Vadim Lipovka — 1,767,150 rubles
  5. Aren Bezhanyan — 1,279,250 rubles
  6. Ivan Tukmachev — 976,150 rubles
  7. Vladislav Varlashin — 774,200 rubles
  8. Alexander Kirichenko — 622,650 rubles
  9. Alexander Denisov — 505,050 rubles

Dmitriy Kopyl had an advantage in the heads-up, and he realized it. In the final hand, Martirosyan put 15 blinds with K-9, Kopyl made a call with A-10. 10-10-9-7-9 was distributed on the board, and Kopyl became the champion. In the heads-up, the players decided to split the money, so Martirosyan took 3.6 million, and Kopyl received 4.8 million.

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