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Denis Gergoc won the WSOP International Circuit main event

In the third and final WSOP International Circuit tournament this year at King’s Resort in Rozvadov, the champion was determined. Denis Gergoc won the WSOP International Circuit main event. In the fight for 189,650 euros and a gold ring, the Swiss player beat 747 rivals. A total of 1,101,430 euros were played in the tournament with a buy-in of 1,700 euros.

Denis Gergoc won the WSOP International Circuit main event 1

On the final day of the tournament, 10 players passed, each of whom guaranteed himself a five-digit prize and a ticket to the WSOP Europe main event with a buy-in of 10,300 euros. More than 200 players have already qualified for the WSOP Europe central event. This championship will also be held at King’s Resort from October 28 to November 16. It is planned to raffle 15 gold bracelets.

  1. Denis Gergoc — 189,650 euros
  2. Lars Kamphues — 119,500 euros
  3. Natale Allegra — 83,900 euros
  4. Alireza Keyvar — 65,500 euros
  5. Frans Van Staalduinen — 51,400 euros
  6. Vojtech Ruzicka — 40,300 euros
  7. Dorian Melchers — 30,100 euros
  8. Alessandro Pagliuso — 20,850 euros
  9. Samir Boudeliou — 16,465 euros

Two players with short stacks were in great danger, having only 5 BB at their disposal. Berkan Munar from Germany, who received 13,525 euros, did not reach the final table. After Munar’s departure, the second player with a short stack, Samir Boudeliou (16,465 euros), also did not last long. After that, one of the most important hands of the day happened, when Gergoc knocked out Alessandro Pagliuso (20,850 euros) with a set of sevens and consolidated his advantage.

Kamphues missed the chance to win the third golden ring

From that moment on, the game became tense, and in the end Dorian Melchers, who was the current champion of the event, could not stand it. First, he lost most of the stack in several hands, and then gave the remaining chips to Lars Kamphues. Melchers became the 7th and received 30,100 euros. Then Gergoc lost his position a lot, and Kamphues became a chip leader.

There were four players with short stacks left in the game and two of them did not last long. The first was Vojtech Ruzicka (40,300 euros), who could not make a comeback with one chip. Ruzicka is known for his participation in the finals of the WSOP main event. Frans Van Staalduinen (51,400 euros) followed him home when his A-K that could not overcome Gergoc’s A-10. An hour later, Alireza Keyvar (65,500 euros) left the game, who could not beat Gergoc’s straight.

Of the three remaining players, Natale Allegra had the shortest stack. She managed to double the stack once, but it didn’t save her from elimination. The Italian was knocked out by Kamphues and received 83,900 euros. The heads-up between Kamphues and Gergoc was short. In the final hand, both had the top pair on the flop, but the jack on the river made Gergoc the champion. Kamphues missed the chance to win the third golden ring and received 119,500 euros.

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