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Deividas Daubaris won the main event of WPO Bratislava

The central event of the Winnamax Poker Open Bratislava series with a $500 buy-in has become the most visited in the history of the championship. The tournament managed to break the record of the WPO Madrid, which took place in May of this year. Deividas Daubaris won the main event of WPO Bratislava, in which 2,221 entries were registered. The championship was held at the Banco Casino.

Deividas Daubaris won the main event of WPO Bratislava 1

Having beaten Adrien Guyon in the heads-up, Deividas Daubaris earned 120,000 euros. This is the biggest win of a player in his career. The main event of the series broke the record of the Spanish tournament, in which 2,182 entries were registered. The prize fund also exceeded the figures of previous tournaments, collecting 977,240 euros.

  1. Deividas Daubaris (Lithuania) — 120,000 EUR
  2. Adrien Guyon (France) — 88,000 EUR
  3. Romain Semler (France) — 65,000 EUR
  4. Stefan Baczynskyj (France) — 47,000 ​EUR
  5. Nacho Barbero (Argentina) — 35,000 ​​EUR
  6. Igor Mataruga (Slovenia) — 25,000 ​EUR

After the starting flights and the first days of the games, the final third day of the tournament came. There were still 14 players left in the game. It took a little over three hours to get to the final table, where 7 poker players were sitting. The chip leader of the last day was Clement Bonnant, but he did not even get to the finals, taking 12th place.

In the heads-up, Deividas Daubaris played with Adrien Guyon

When there were 8 players left, there was a big hand in which Lionel Maggeo, Stefan Baczynskyj and Igor Mataruga went all-in, while Maggeo risked leaving the tournament. Baczynskyj had pocket aces that lasted until the very end and allowed him to win a huge pot. Maggeo held pocket eights in his hands, Mataruga held pocket queens. Lionel Maggeo took 8th place. Nicolas Tytgat stopped a step away from the final table.

It took 3.5 hours for the first knockout of the final table to take place. Slovenian player Igor Mataruga lost to Romain Semler and earned 25,000 EUR. The owner of the bracelet, the Argentine professional Nacho Barbero got the top pair on the flop, but this was not enough to defeat Adrien Guyon, whose pair turned out to be stronger. Barbero earned 35,000 EUR.

Baczynskyj, who was the chip leader of the final table, lost his advantage. In the last hand, he jammed with a suited aces, but ran into Guyon’s pocket pair. For the fourth place, Baczynskyj received 47,000 EUR.

The three-hand game was competitive, and each of the three players was the leader at some point in time. In the end, the luck left Romain Semler, who with pocket fives lost to a pair of nines of Daubaris.

In the heads-up, Deividas Daubaris played with Adrien Guyon. In the course of the game, the first player had the advantage, then the second player. There were moments when players made comebacks with a short stack. In the decisive hand, Daubaris collected two pairs on the flop and became the champion. Adrien Guyon received 88,000 EUR.

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