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Chongyou Chen, Thomas Carroll, and Lonnie Stevens became champions of the bestbet Jacksonville

This year’s bestbet Jacksonville series began on October 27. The first event of the series attracted a large number of players, collecting a prize pool of 263,575 USD. The champion of this four-day tournament was Donavon Wright, who took 45,247 USD. Chongyou Chen, Thomas Carroll, and Lonnie Stevens became the champions of the bestbet Jacksonville, winning the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th events of the series.

Chongyou Chen, Thomas Carroll, and Lonnie Stevens became champions of the bestbet Jacksonville 1

The 2nd event of the series was an event on no-limit hold’em, the entrance to which cost 360 USD. A total of 138 entries were registered, making the prize pool equal to 27,600 USD. The first place was taken by Chongyou Chen, who earned 4,931 USD after a three-way deal. Final table:

  1. Chongyou Chen — 4,931 USD
  2. Antoinette Fiorenza — 4,930 USD
  3. Mark Matt — 4,930 USD
  4. Lap Kee Ng — 2,321 USD
  5. Steve Zhang — 1,716 USD
  6. Chad Buzinski — 1,306 USD
  7. Cameron Carroll — 1,025 USD
  8. Casey Coner — 830 USD
  9. Michael Carter — 694 USD

This is the first title in the player’s career and the biggest prize money. Before that, the player’s best result was the amount of 4,622 USD, which he earned for 20th place in Summer Heater 2022. In addition to the money and title, Chen earned 107 POY points.

The first major tournament will be held from 3 to November 6

Next on the schedule was a no-limit hold’em tournament worth 200 USD. The tournament registered 98 entries, and Thomas Carroll became the champion, who beat Robert Terrel in the heads-up and earning 4,393 USD. This is the first title of an American and the seventh largest prize money. Carroll’s best result is 11th place in the WPT Lucky Hearts main event, where he received 77,215 USD. In total, Carroll won 204,000 USD during his career.

  1. Thomas Carroll — 4,393 USD
  2. Robert Terrel — 2,928 USD
  3. Brian Fortelka — 1,987 USD
  4. Mervan Kizgin — 1,399 USD
  5. Michael Robilotto — 1,022 USD
  6. Kevin Hazzard — 777 USD
  7. David Trager — 615 USD
  8. Carl Mcleod — 509 USD
  9. Lap Kee Ng — 439 USD

The first November event was the 4th tournament of the series worth 360 USD. The tournament attracted 112 players, thanks to which 33,600 USD were raffled off. This amount was divided by the 15 best poker players of the tournament. The largest part of the fund went to champion Lonnie Stevens, who made a deal with three other players.

  1. Lonnie Stevens — 6,185 USD
  2. Dimas Martinez — 5,909 USD
  3. Samuel Ick — 5,059 USD
  4. John Hackney — 4,889 USD
  5. Jaymie Virtusio — 2,143 USD
  6. Daniel Williams — 1,629 USD
  7. Lunique Petiote — 1,290 USD
  8. Tyler Flickinger — 1,065 USD
  9. Brian Washington — 919 USD

This is the second largest prize money in Stevens’ career. Now the income for the career of a resident of Orange Park, Florida, is 35,000 USD. Eddie Mroczkowski, the champion of the CPPT bestbet Jacksonville 2021, stopped a step away from the final table, taking 10th place.

The first major tournament will be held from 3 to November 6 — Mystery Bounty with a buy-in of 1,700 USD. The central event of the series will be a 3,000 USD buy-in tournament, which will be held from November 11 to 14. Also ahead of the players is a women’s event with a buy-in of 320 USD.

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