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Chad Eveslage became the new champion of the WPT Five Diamond main event

On October 23, it became known that Chad Eveslage became the new champion of the WPT Five Diamond main event. The American player managed to beat 568 opponents in the tournament with a buy-in of 10,400 USD. The total prize fund of the five-day event was 5,519,300 USD. The central event was held at the Bellagio, located in Las Vegas. The newly minted champion took home 1,042,300 USD.

Chad Eveslage became the new champion of the WPT Five Diamond main event 1

Since the beginning of 2021, Eveslage has managed to earn more than 5.35 million USD and win five titles, including a gold bracelet and two main events of the World Poker Tour. This is the second largest win in the career of an American, which is second only to the 1.4 million USD won in one of the WSOP 2022 events.

  1. Chad Eveslage — 1,042,300 USD
  2. Steve Buckner — 690,000 USD
  3. Michael Gathy — 505,000 USD
  4. Brian Kim — 377,000 USD
  5. Albert Calderon — 283,000 USD
  6. David Kim — 216,000 USD
  7. Zach Donovan — 166,000 USD
  8. Ren Lin — 129,000 USD
  9. Daniel Colpoys — 101,000 USD

Besides the money and the title, Eveslage got a bunch of bonus points. He was credited with 2,100 POY points. This is the 6th finish of an American in the final part of the tournament and the second title in 2022. Having scored 4,222 points and earned 2.6 million USD, he ranks 13th in the CardPlayer rating. He also received 1,200 PokerGoTour points and is now among the top ten players in the world.

In the heads-up, Chad Eveslage played against Steve Buckner

The main event started on October 19, and on October 21, the first players received the money. 72 players got into the prize zone. The bubble boy was 5-time WSOP champion Brian Rust. Many other famous poker players took part in this prestigious tournament. The prizes included Ryan Leng, Pete Chen, Justin Bonomo, Dan Colpoys, Ren Lin, and the recently scandalized Robbi Jade Lew.

The event’s final day started with only 7 players remaining in the game, and Albert Calderon was the leader. Zach Donovan was the first to leave the game when his A-Q faced the pocket kings of the recent WSOP Online champion Brian Kim. Donovan failed to improve and took 7th place, receiving 166,000 USD.

It took 86 hands for the next elimination to occur. David Kim went all-in with a pair of aces and a J-kicker but lost to two pairs of 4-time WSOP champion Michael Gathy. For the 6th place, Kim received 216,000 USD.

Albert Calderon started the day as a chip leader but took only 5th place. Chad Eveslage placed a bet with A-Q, and Calderon called with A-10. A-Q-6-4-10 appeared on the board. Eveslage’s face value of the younger pair was higher, and he won the hand. Calderon received 283,000 USD.

The 4th place was taken by Brian Kim, who lost to Chad Eveslage with two pairs. The American received 377,000 USD. Belgian player Michael Gathy put his last 25 BB with A-J, and Eveslage opposed him with A-Q. The players did not improve, and Gathy stopped in 3rd place, earning 505,000 USD.

In the heads-up, Chad Eveslage played against Steve Buckner. The first had a stack of 17,875,000 chips, and the second had 10,575,000. The players needed more than 150 hands to determine the champion. In the decisive hand, Buckner placed a bet with 9-7, and Eveslage made a call with 7-5. 10-10-5-K-J appeared on the board, and Eveslage became the champion.

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