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Cary Katz became the best player of the PokerGO Cup series

Taking second place in the final tournament of the series, Cary Katz became the best player of the PokerGO Cup series and received an additional 50,000 USD, which is attached to this title. The 52-year-old businessman, high roller participant, and founder of PokerGO won prizes in five tournaments out of eight, more than anyone else. Daniel Negreanu, Adrian Mateos, and Anthony Hu have three caches each. At the same time, Katz did not win a single title.

Cary Katz became the best player of the PokerGO Cup series 1

Katz earned 655,800 USD in this series, which is also the best result of the tournament. To become the best player of the championship, Katz had to take at least second place in the final tournament, which he did, losing in a heads-up to Isaac Haxton. Sean Winter and Daniel Colpoys, who also got into the prizes of the final tournament, had a chance to win the title, but for this, they had to win.

Anthony Hu could have been the best player if Haxton had become the champion, and any other player, except Katz, took second place. Daniel Colpoys eventually became the fourth in the last event, and Sean Winter took third place, which secured Katz the title of player of the tournament. In the overall standings, Anthony Hu was second, Alex Foxen entered the top 3, Haxton took fourth place, and Winter was fifth. Katz managed to beat the nearest opponent by only 6 points.

The best players of the tournament

Katz started the championship by taking 10th place in the opening event for 10,000 USD, earning 27,000 USD. In the second 10,000 USD tournament, the player finished in 6th place and received 49,800 USD. In the third event, Katz became the fourth and replenished the bankroll by 90,000 USD. In the sixth event of the series, for 25,000 USD, the American became the fourth again and took 125,000 USD. After that, there he took 2nd place in the final tournament.

Runner-up Anthony Hu won the fifth event of the series and earned 268,800 USD. He also finished second in the fourth event (140,400 USD) and seventh in the opening tournament (54,000 USD). Alex Foxen closed the top three, won the sixth event (317,040 USD), and became the runner-up of the first event (153,000 USD). The best players of the tournament:

  1. Cary Katz (655,800 USD) — 460 points
  2. Anthony Hu (454,200 USD) — 454 points
  3. Alex Foxen (470 040 USD) — 393 points
  4. Isaac Haxton (598,000 USD) — 359 points
  5. Sean Winter (424,000 USD) — 341 points
  6. Punnat Punsri (459,400 USD) — 335 points
  7. Aram Zobian (291,500 USD) — 292 points
  8. Ed Sebesta (258,000 USD) — 258 points
  9. Orpen Kisacikoglu (399,460 USD) — 223 points
  10. Erik Seidel (223,200 USD) — 212 points

The PGT points scored by the players in this series will be considered in the corresponding table, determining the list of invitees to the PGT Championship 2023 freeroll. This year, the top 40 players will be eligible to participate in a freeroll with a guarantee of 1,000,000 USD and a grand prize of 500,000 USD.

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