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Braxton Dunaway won the 1,500 USD tournament and earned 1.1 million USD

The Monster Stack tournament ended yesterday in the World Series of Poker with a 1,500 USD buy-in, which recorded 8,317 entries. A resident of Texas Braxton Dunaway won the tournament for 1,500 USD and earned 1.1 million USD, knocking out almost all participants of the final table. This is the first bracelet in the career of an American.

Braxton Dunaway won the 1,500 USD tournament and earned 1.1 million USD

Prior to this victory, the biggest result of the 40-year-old Dunaway offline was the fifth place in the main tournament of the WSOP Circuit Choctaw 2019 with a buy-in of 1,700 USD, for which he received 68,390 USD. Now his career earnings exceed 1.5 million USD.

The tournament lasted six days and included two starting flights. The final day of the tournament began with seven players remaining, and Nicholas Gerrity was in the lead.

Braxton Dunaway and Colin Robinson were in the heads-up

The final table began with the departure of the owner of the bracelet Joe Cada. The 2009 WSOP main event champion went all-in with A-K, ahead of A-J of Dunaway. Everything was decided by the jack that fell on the flop. Cada earned 186,149 USD, increasing earnings offline to 14.4 million USD. Joshua Adcock also opened with A-K against Dunaway’s A-Q. This time, Dunaway caught the queen on the turn and won the hand. Adcock replenished the bankroll by 240,695 USD.

Nicholas Gerrity with A-6 played against Jesse Rockowitz’s pocket twos. None of the players improved, and Gerrity took 5th place, earning 313,297 USD. Loic Dobrigna soon followed Gerrity when his A-2 collided with Danaway’s Q-Q. Dobrigna took home 410,493 USD.

The next elimination happened two hours later. Jesse Rockowitz went all-in on the turn with a couple and a gutshot. He was opposed by Dunaway with a straight draw and an overcard (Q). A queen appeared on the river and Dunaway gathered an older couple. Rockowitz earned 541,376 USD.

  1. Braxton Dunaway — $1,162,681
  2. Colin Robinson — 718,649
  3. Jesse Rockowitz — 541 376
  4. Loic Dobrigna — 410 493
  5. Nicholas Gerrity — 313,297
  6. Joshua Adcock — 240,695
  7. Joseph Cada — 186,149
  8. Julien Loire — 144 928
  9. Yulian Bogdanov — 113 597

Braxton Dunaway and Colin Robinson were in the heads-up. The stack ratio was 5:2 in favor of Dunaway, who did not need much time to become a champion. In the final hand, he limped off the button with 9-7o, Robinson raised with BB with A-2, Dunaway called. 7-3-2 was dealt on the flop, Robinson made a check, and then called after the Dunaway bet. A 9 appeared on the turn, Robinson checked with a pair, Dunaway put with two pairs. Robinson called again, and K. appeared on the river. After Robinson’s check, Dunaway bet enough for the opponent to go all-in. Robinson did not fold, thus losing the last chips. Robinson’s earnings were 718,649 USD.

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