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Bin Weng won the Borgata The Return main event

The final day of the Borgata The Return main event took place on Sunday. The championship was held for the first time in three years, and the central event was able to beat the guarantee of 3 million USD and collect 5,538,700 USD thanks to a large field of 1,142 entries. Bin Weng won the Borgata The Return main event and earned exactly 1 million USD. The American could have gained more, but he made a deal with a runner-up.

Bin Weng won the Borgata The Return main event

During his entire career, Weng won about 3 million USD, but recently things have not been going too smoothly for him. His words after the victory: “To be honest, right now, of course, I am happy, but I do not know why I do not have satisfaction. I just feel like I should have won, but the last six or seven months have been the worst. In December, I took a break, skipped the WPT series, and tried to figure out what the problem was. So winning means a lot to me.”

The Philadelphia native also told how special it was for him to win in Atlantic City at the Borgata Casino.

I used to play here a lot. Cash games, tournaments, casinos, I lost a lot of money here. I love Borgata. This is my favorite casino and my wife’s favorite casino. Sometimes she goes to play poker with me,” Weng added.

Weng is known for playing a large range of hands and acting aggressively. For most of the tournament, it worked. At the end of the second game day, Weng called the opponent’s bet on the turn, having only a pair of fours, while the opponent had aces. On the river, Weng collected a set and won a big pot.

The players decided to make a deal

The tournament’s final day began with 8 players remaining in the game, and for a long time, no one got kicked. Sam Laskowitz, who had won the Mystery Bounty a few days earlier and earned almost 150,000 USD, was the first to leave the table. Shortly after that, Christopher Ng, who earned the biggest money in his career, left the game.

Local player Lanny Vaysman, who is remembered for talking a lot, took 6th place. Then Justin Saliba and Jonathan Borenstein were eliminated. WSOP 2015 main event champion Joe McKeehen started the day as a chip leader and had a solid advantage. The American lost a big pot to Weng. After that, he lost two more hands and took 3rd place.

  1. Bin Weng — 1,000,000 USD
  2. Sundiata Devore — 926,128 USD
  3. Joe McKeehen — 440,327 USD
  4. Jonathan Borenstein — 368,324 USD
  5. Justin Saliba — 304,629 USD
  6. Lanny Vaysman — 246,472 USD
  7. Christopher Ng — 193,855 USD
  8. Sam Laskowitz — 144,006 USD

Sundiata Devore started the final table with one of the shortest stacks but gradually increased it. When he was left alone with Weng, the stacks of poker players were almost equal. The players decided to make a deal so that the payout difference was not so big. Weng eventually became a champion and earned a million dollars, and Devore became a runner-up and received 926,128 USD.

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