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Betsson Poker loyalty program

To play in the poker room was not only pleasant but also profitable. Many companies are developing incentive promotions on an ongoing basis for existing clients. The Betsson Poker loyalty program offers to accumulate points for poker tournaments and receive up to 30% cashback for this.

Betsson Poker loyalty program

Betsson Poker loyalty program: how to participate

Betsson values its loyal customers very much, and therefore is confident that every player who plays in its poker room should be fairly rewarded. This is why Betsson Poker has developed a loyalty program that rewards all players who regularly participate in real money poker tournaments.

In total, 4 levels of loyalty have been developed:

  • Bronze – 10% cashback.
  • Silver – 15% cashback.
  • Gold – 20% cashback.
  • Star – 30% cashback.

To earn a particular level, you need to collect bonus points for achievements. Achievements are supposed to be credited with points for earned rake or tournament fees.

1 euro rake = 10 bonus points.

Betsson Poker loyalty program
Level Points earned Cashback
Bronze 0 to 499 points = 10%
Silver 500 to 999 points = 15%
Gold 1,000 to 2,999 points = 20%
Star 3.000 or more points = 30%

Loyalty points are used to determine the level of a poker player, and bonus points are used to convert into cash.

Loyalty levels are calculated monthly, so the current level at which the player is must be constantly maintained. Otherwise, if the poker player does not gain the number of points corresponding to this level for the next month, he drops one level lower.

It should be noted that for each level of the Betsson Poker loyalty program there are separate rates for calculating bonus points.

Level Points per EUR 1 rake Wager Reward for 1 euro rake Cashback Percentage
Bronze 10 points 0 10 points 10%
Silver 10 points X1.5 15 points 15%
Gold 10 points X2 20 points 20%
Star 10 points X3 30 points 30%

For example, if you rake in the amount of 150 euros in a month, you get 1500 points. It means that your level for the next month will be Gold. And when you are at this level, the points will be calculated as follows: points per rake * 2 (this is the wager for the Gold level, see the table above) = the final amount of bonus points.

Betsson Poker loyalty program: how to exchange points for money?

To exchange your bonus points for cash, you need to go to your lobby in the account section and select the “Loyalty” tab. For every 100 bonus points, the player receives 1 euro of real money.

Bonus points must be converted into cash within 180 days from the date they were credited, otherwise, the amount will expire.

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