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Angel Guillen won the WPT Prime Gold Coast tournament

Recently, the next WPT Prime championship started in Australia, where Angel Guillen won the WPT Prime Gold Coast tournament and earned 123,218 USD. Guillen’s final opponent in the event for 5,000 Australian dollars was the legendary Australian poker pro Joe Hachem. Guillen himself is Mexican by nationality but has been living in Australia for a long time, being the husband of WPT presenter Lynn Gilmartin.

Angel Guillen won the WPT Prime Gold Coast tournament 1

This is Guillen’s first win in live poker in almost 10 years, and the success was the fourth largest in his career. In total, Guillen won about 2 million USD offline. The Mexican won the most money when he became the 2009 WSOP champion in one of the events for 2,000 USD and received 530,548 USD.

Guillen became the WPT Prime champion at the no Limit Hold’em tournament with a buy-in of 5,000 Australian dollars and a prize pool of 653,300 dollars. A total of 139 players have registered for the event. The prizes included 18 of the best poker players who received at least 11,923 Australian dollars. The second and final day began with 41 players remaining in the game.

Hachem became a runner-up

Brandon Bailey (9th place) was the first to leave the final. Then the tournament ended for Marco Perri, Jason Vipulananthan, Zheming Zhu, Joseph Vinecombe, Zhifan Ye, and Adrian Pacheco. In the heads-up, Guillen was at a disadvantage with a stack of 10,575,000 chips, which was opposed by Hachem with 17,625,000 chips. Later, Guillen managed to match his opponent, after which the advantage changed hands 5-6 times.

  1. Angel Guillen — 123,218 USD
  2. Joe Hachem — 77,591 USD
  3. Adrian Pacheco — 46,069 USD
  4. Zhifan Ye — 27,744 USD
  5. Joseph Vinecombe — 21,602 USD
  6. Zheming Zhu — 18,075 USD
  7. Jason Vipulananthan — 15,650 USD
  8. Marco Perri — 13,909 USD
  9. Brandon Bailey — 12,322 USD

In the final hand, Hachem raised 1.2 million on the pre-flop, and Guillen went all-in with A-9. Hachem was calling with K-9. A-4-2-7-5 appeared on the board, and Guillen became the champion. Hachem became a runner-up and took home 114,981 Australian dollars. Thanks to this result, the tournament earnings of the former WSOP main event champion increased to 12.5 million USD.

“Lynn just called me. It always seems that she is there, even if she is not. Lynn’s parents and my friends were there… I didn’t even feel that she missed the tournament,” Guillen said after the game.

Other players who won prizes included Emanuel Seal (10th), Tony Hachem (11th), Leo Kamiya (12th), Chao Duan (13th), Daniel Hachem (14th), Gautam Dhingra (15th), Sean Ragozzini (16th), Gary Lin (17th), and Liam O’Rourke (18th).

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