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Aleksejs Ponakovs leads in Super Millions

Super Millions on GGPoker (PokerOK) is the largest weekly tournament in which the best poker players from all over the world participate. But this week’s event turned out to be special because it became part of the WSOP Winter Circuit, a series with a total guarantee of 150 million USD. Usually Super Millions is held in one day, but this time the event lasted for three days. If earlier the champion received around 300,000-400,000 USD, this time the best one will take a little more than a million dollars.

Aleksejs Ponakovs leads in Super Millions 1

A large field led to the fact that the organizers managed to collect 7,220,000 USD in prize money. The champion will earn 1,095,775 USD. In addition to decent prize money, the best player will receive a WSOPC gold ring. Now Aleksejs Ponakovs leads in Super Millions, having 16,420,942 chips or 103 BB in his hands. The earnings of a Latvian professional in Super Millions exceed 3.4 million USD.

  1. Aleksejs Ponakovs — 16,420,942 chips
  2. Barak Wisbrod — 10,355,968 chips
  3. Biao Ding — 9,189,402 ​chips
  4. Mike Watson — 8,180,845 chips
  5. Anatoly Filatov — 7,454,944 chips
  6. Elio Fox — 6,253,294 chips
  7. libre — 5,881,997 ​chips
  8. Mark Radoja — 5,701,547 ​​chips
  9. Corenkas — 2,761,061 chips

The second place in the number of chips is occupied by Barak Wisbrod. A couple of weeks ago, Wisbrod became a Super Millions runner-up, earning 285,278 USD. This week, the prize money has increased significantly, and to improve this result, it is enough for him to take 6th place. Now Wisbrod has 10,355,968 chips or 65 BB.

Hong Kong player Biao Ding is on the third line of the chip count with his 9,189,402 chips (57 BB). Ding doesn’t participate in Super Millions that often and this is the first time he has made it to the finals. The player has a good chance of winning in the debut. Mike Watson, who took second place a week ago, is fighting for the title again. Watson collected 8,180,845 chips or 51 BB. Watson managed to earn 6.6 million USD on GGPoker, of which more than 2 million came from Super Millions.

Radoja reached the final for the 14th time

The last time Anatoly Filatov reached the final table of the tournament was in August, taking 6th place at that time. Filatov will return to the game with 7,454,944 chips (47 BB). Now the native of Moscow has two Super Millions titles. One line below Filatov is Elio Fox. The Mexican grinder has a pair of gold bracelets, and now he can add a ring to the collection. Fox makes it to the final table for the ninth time, but has never won. The Fox stack is 6,253,294 chips (39 BB).

The 7th place of the chip count is occupied by a player from Hong Kong under the nickname libre. It is only the second time he is participating in the tournament, and he has already reached the final table. Libre has 5,881,997 chips or 37 BB. Mark Radoja is in the penultimate place (5,701,547 chips or 36 BB). Radoja reached the final for the 14th time, but, like Fox, has not yet won.

Israeli poker player Corenkas closes the standings with 2,761,061 chips (17 BB). Regardless of which place the player takes, his earnings on GGPoker will exceed 1 million USD.

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