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What you can’t talk about at the poker table

Offline poker is a social game in which communication is somehow present. Today we will talk about etiquette at the poker table and tell you what topics are better not to discuss during the game.

Invalid topics during the hand

During the hands at the poker table, players often communicate with each other. Before you start a particular topic, you should first think about how appropriate it is during the game. Undoubtedly, understanding what you can talk about and what you can’t talk about comes with experience. However, there are forbidden topics.

Offline poker rules
It is forbidden to talk about the players’ cards during the hand

Regardless of whether you participate in the hand or not, it is strictly prohibited to give out information about your opponents’ cards. Do not think out loud about the actions of the players.

By giving your opponents information that they should not know, you violate the rule of independent decision-making. In addition, it will be unpleasant for others to play at the table with a person who regularly comments on the actions of others.

Do not ask questions out of turn

It is impolite to ask about the stack size before several players in front of you have not said their word. At a minimum, this is a violation of etiquette. In extreme cases, your actions may be considered an unfair reception. Even a question to the dealer about the bet amount is considered incorrect if the other players have not yet decided.

It is forbidden to criticize players and their actions before, after and during the hand

While playing online poker, many poker rooms warn about the rules of offensive behavior. In general, swearing is not only indecent, but also unprofitable in offline poker. No one likes to listen to insults and swearing. Rude behavior will ensure you a bad reputation among other players.

Do not discuss the poker strategy during the game

Conversations about strategies in offline poker are not prohibited by the rules (of course, if the topic is not raised during the hand). However, does it make sense to give out your knowledge about the game to your opponents and share your own tactics?

Many players want to appear smart. Believe us, if you really want to distinguish yourself with intellectual abilities, talk about science, literature or outstanding historical figures.

Do not justify your actions after the hand

Excuses of losing after the hand looks pathetic. “I was on the big blind!”, “I got the wrong card”, “If…” – exclude such phrases from the speech.

What you can talk about during the hand

Everything that is not prohibited is allowed. Conversations about the weather, music, sports team matches, or a movie you watched last night are ideal topics for conversation between poker hands.

Try to keep conversations at the table to a minimum, comply with the rules of the game. If the opponents are not in the mood for a conversation, you should not conduct a monologue with attempts to raise any topic for discussion.

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