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What to do if your passion for poker is not supported

Almost every poker player who is passionate about the game has at least once heard from friends, relatives or just acquaintances that poker is not an option for stable earnings but dependence and unnecessary expenses. But sometimes, it is very important to hear words of support from close people.

“I would rather go naked than wear a dress that the world has made for me” (c) Dorothy Allison.

The essence of the quote boils down to the fact that people are not obliged to meet someone’s expectations. If a poker player has firmly decided that the game is something that brings him pleasure and money, then why not do it professionally?


Have you noticed that when you start talking about your success in poker, most listeners give you a blank look at the mention of short-term luck, distance advantage and other concepts? Despite the popularization of live tournaments, many still consider it a gambling game, and all victories are attributed to luck, not skill.

The matter got off the ground after poker began to be shown on TV. Watching professional players and their winnings, the audience began to think that such a hobby can bring a good income. The largest poker tournaments have convinced people that their children, acquaintances, friends or relatives are not wasting time but making their way to the top. Many people have helped build a career for close people by hiring those a poker coach.

Of course, not everyone can understand and accept the fact that poker has long ceased to be a gambling game and is now a universally recognized sport. You can’t silence the skeptics, but words are powerless here. The only way to prove that you are able to live a happy life in prosperity thanks to your hobby is just to do it.

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