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Top 5 Ways to overcome downswing

Downswing (or a series of losses) is a common phenomenon in online poker. Most of the players experienced these unpleasant sensations, and many lost a huge number of sessions and large sums of money.

Agree, a familiar feeling when you enter the room, you are set up for a good game, but your hopes do not coincide with reality and lead to a downswing. You try to recoup, experience panic and aggression, but a series of games again ends in failure. The question “When will this end?” does not leave your thoughts, and the motivation to move on disappears altogether.


Getting out of downswing is a complex, long and difficult process. However, there are several ways that can help increase the chances of winning and distract from sad thoughts.

Remember why you started playing

When the game is not going at all, remember why you decided to play poker. In order to earn a lot? To do what you love, instead of working for “uncle”? Or to build a career as a professional player?

Remember and think about it in order to continue achieving your goal.

Evaluate your game tactics

Think about whether you have your own tactics? Are your actions logical during the game? Can you read the opponent’s hand?

The ability to anticipate the opponent’s move and the presence of your own tactics is one of the most important poker skills. You can acquire or hone them with the help of introspection, work with a coach and constant practice.

Evaluate your emotional state

Think about how well you concentrate on the game? What is the emotional state after winning or losing? Are you able to continue working on yourself after a series of failures?

Poker requires perseverance, persistence and an indomitable character. To fulfill the tasks set in reality, you need to forget about complaints, engage in introspection and continue working.

The theory of “small steps”

If you find yourself in a critical situation, think about what contributed to this result. You can use the Holdem Manager program, Poker Tracker or other software in which you can analyze your game.

Training with a coach is a prerequisite for development in poker. Of course, it is not so easy to find a coach whose statistics and schedule are in perfect order, but we have players with such indicators who have been tested for years. To do this, just write to us at the contacts indicated in the header of the site and we will recommend you a coach for the desired limit. Only a complete and comprehensive approach will help to change the course of the game for the better in the future.

What would your idol do?

Think about what a player you admire would do? Don’t be afraid to change the tactics of the game if the usual strategy has stopped working. Always try something new. The same actions are unlikely to lead to a positive game.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the path to success in poker leads through constant work on yourself, determination, perseverance and considerable effort.

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