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The sixth sense or the laws of logic: what to apply in poker?

The eternal confrontation “logic against intuition” has been transferred to the poker sphere. Some geniuses of card entertainment were real virtuosos, using just intuitive behavior. Logic is opposed to intuition. Even the ancients paid attention to this, and modern scientists have even proved that different parts of the brain are responsible for these ways of thinking: the left and right hemispheres.

Poker is a game in which strategy is more important than cards. Therefore, the style of behavior, the level of self-control are more important. What is better to use? The logic that allows you to calculate probabilities? Or, maybe, intuition, which makes it possible to feel the game? Let’s figure it out.

Initially, it is worth referring to the terminology. Intuition is defined as the process of making the right decision without using logical conclusions. From this, it follows that it is impossible to learn how to use intuitive thinking. Previously, it was accepted: it was considered an innate ability. Today, people tend to think that this feeling can be developed, even if it is quite difficult.

Many have heard such a concept as”flair”. It also refers to intuition, which is essentially a feeling. In such cases, it is difficult to explain something, but the decision is made correctly.
Logic and intuition in the actions of professionals
The famous poker player Doyle Brunson wrote the following in his book on this topic. When he used the “sixth sense” in the game, he recalled previous events, similar situations. Then there is a subconscious analysis, on the basis of which the winning option comes to mind in the form of a feeling. It is difficult to describe it.

Now let’s turn to logic. Here dictionaries give a lot of definitions. But the main thing will be that such thinking obeys certain rules and is obvious. People who use it can specifically explain why they did this or that action and how they made a certain decision. They are able to decompose the entire process into steps that obey logical laws.

In any situation, decision-making can be decomposed into two parts: assumptions and reasoning. At the same time, the assumptions must be specific and amenable to logic. The reasoning is based on the scheme: “if…, then…”. For each option, you need to determine the likely outcomes. And then it will remain to choose the best one.

When playing in poker rooms most professionals will say that it is necessary to obey logic. This always works if you know certain rules and laws. In this case, the probability of your error will be less. Intuition is good when a poker player has a lot of experience. In this case, the subconscious mind will work independently, and the “sixth sense” will not let you down.

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