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The phenomenon of “homo ludens” in poker

The average poker player spends twenty-four hours a week on his hobby, which is the seventh part of an adult’s life. Why is so much time devoted to the game? Is it bad? What is the phenomenon of “homo ludens”? We will help you understand the question and tell you about the term.

The phenomenon of homo ludens in online poker

Literally translated from Latin, “homo ludens” means “a person playing”, a term first introduced by the Dutch cultural critic Johan Huizinga. A talented scientist worked on the theory of the positive impact of the game on civilization. He came to the conclusion that the basis of progress is the need for people for leisure. The term is found in all peoples, and there is an amazing similarity of methods: cards, dice, sports.

Entertainment is peculiar not only to humans, but also to animals, which allows us to consider them the basis of actions. It gave rise to:

  • poetry;
  • music;
  • legal proceedings;
  • science.

If everything is clear with poetry, music, and dance, then what does the law have to do with the human desire to spend leisure time in an exciting way? Ancient courts widely used the element of luck. The decision was made randomly, being an expression of the will of the gods.

The game permeates our entire life. Excitement is a kind of attempt to look into the future, to test fate. This is an ancient, inherent instinct for everyone. That is why online and offline poker is one of the most popular types of pastime.

A little bit about offline poker

The exact time of the appearance of offline poker is not known. The first mentions date back to the beginning of the sixteenth century. Although China is considered the ancestor, modern offline poker first appeared in Italy and Spain. By the middle of the eighteenth century, popularity had captured the whole of Europe. In the nineteenth century, French colonists brought the game to America. The twentieth century has given rise to new varieties:

  • Texas Hold’em;
  • Five-card draw;
  • Seven-card Stud;
  • Omaha.

Since 1970, Texas Hold’em has been officially included in World Series of Poker – the most prestigious offline poker tournament (regarded as the World Championship).

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