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The firmness of character as a path to success

What would you choose: to be a naturally gifted poker player or a simple person who needs to spend a lot of time and effort to succeed in the game? Now think about what type of player will succeed in the future? Continuing the story about the psychology of online poker, let’s talk about such an important aspect as firmness of character.

 poker online firmness of character
Success in poker: why it is important to have a firm character

According to the leading expert on the study of the causes of success, Angela Duckworth, firmness of character is a persistent desire to achieve goals. People with such a character trait do not stop before difficulties and always bring the matter to an end.

Undoubtedly, in the world of poker, a great emphasis is placed on natural talent. Many amateur players admire the game of their idols, who, it would seem, easily understand complex mathematical calculations. If you think that since poker does not give in to you from the first hand, then you will not be able to repeat professionals’ success, then this opinion is in most cases mistaken.

Each poker player starts playing with different skills. Some have an innate talent for mathematics; others are good at understanding people. Such abilities give you starting advantages, but this does not mean that you will not succeed without them.

The greatest role in poker is played by the player’s ability to work and the desire to work on himself. This is where the average person comes to the fore. According to the results of many studies, people deprived of innate abilities demonstrate the firmness of character, while the owners of natural talent can not boast of such hard work on themselves.

In 1869, one of the first scientific works of Francis Galton was published, dedicated to innate abilities and achieving success. In his research, Galton studied the biographies of famous people using qualitative methods. As a result, the scientist came to the conclusion that to achieve the goal, a person needs three qualities: talent, passion and ability to work.

If you are serious about becoming a professional, be ready to work on yourself daily for many years. It is worth remembering that success does not come just like that, and there will be many difficulties on the way. The average poker player, who has great determination and a sense of purpose, gets a much better chance of success than many gifted but not working on themselves players.

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